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Spring 2015 Anime Season Wrap-up

Spring 2015 Anime Season Wrap-up

Warning: The following post may contain spoilers from the shows I watched from the Spring 2015 anime season. If you wish not to know some events that take place, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please leave the page, since I don't want to damage a watching experience for you.

Also, the pictures for my special posts are chosen at random. Since I love C.C., and this picture has some bright and happy colors, no wonder it makes me think of Spring. XD

So with that said, let's get started:

I can't believe the year's nearly halfway done already. It seems like it was just yesterday when I first started this blog, and soon it'll be a whole year O_O. Yeesh, time has flown.

I'm not so sure what to think of this season. I unfortunately couldn't watch as many shows as I would have liked due to working on my school's Spring musical. There were also other anime series that I was watching, and I just wanted to primarily focus on those. So while I don't have a full definite opinion on how this season was as a whole, I did watch 4 shows that aired during this second anime season of this year.

Keep in mind that these are my own opinions. You can feel free to disagree with me if I didn't like a show that you loved, and I won't judge you. 

Before I get into my sole Dropped show for the Spring, let's give an update on 2 Winter shows that I manage to watch after my wrap-up post for Winter. Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, and Maria the Virgin Witch:

I don't need to elaborate on Maria the Virgin Witch as much. It thought it was a great anime series, though it had some problems with the slow build-up. You can check out my review for it here: http://dazzlinganime1.blogspot.com/2015/06/maria-virgin-witch-review.html

For Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! however, I wasn't as impressed with it sadly. Though the first 2 episodes were very good and quite funny at mocking stereotypes and made me laugh a little bit, the next 2 episodes faltered and flew out the window.

I think this Mean Girls GIF sums it up nicely:

The next 2 episodes annoyed me more than the first 2. I think it just had to do with what got the 2 people possessed by the villains to turn into monsters. Of course, there were moments that were both awful in these 2, such as the main 5 finding ways to get more votes in that Hottest Boy contest in Episode 3, and that whole "I SURE LOVE BEING YOUNG!" shtick in episode 4 got old after 5 minutes.

Even though the series does sound fun and has a pretty funny plot twist in the last episode, I can't bring myself to watch any more. Sorry guys. Overall, the first four episodes get a 6 out of 10.

Okay, sole dropped anime is now up on my list to talk about.

Triage X.

The main reason why this show looked interesting to me was because this was written and illustrated by the artist of Highschool of the Dead. This made me think that this series would have a similar vibe to that show. This also seemed to have an interesting premise, and even though the animation was done by Xebec (their work on Maken Ki 2 makes me want to puke), they have done some other good stuff as well, such as Pandora Hearts.

I also thought this show would be exciting and action packed. But the first episode was just so, what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah, average. Yeah, that's the one!

The things I remember the most from the first episode were an "evil boss" who's probably stereotypical anyways groping his assistant, and his finger sinking (yes, sinking) into her boobs, and a girl who was captured by our villains getting whipped while probably wearing no clothing. So as you see, this is another fanservice show. And I wouldn't say it's as bad for our main characters, but the scene with our leads in the shower got to be a little too much (steam covered practically everything).

I will admit that Black Label sounds interesting due to them working against the police, and I do wonder how the rival group Syringe will work out in the end. However, just going through an average episode that doesn't promise a lot of good things doesn't really pull me into this show at all.

I'm going to leave off with this: I'm pretty sure FINGERS DON'T SINK INTO BREASTS! That is all. I give the first episode of Triage X a 5 out of 10.

Now onto the show that's on hold for me for the time being:

Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

In my defense, I don't think this show is horrible. I actually kind of like it, because it's kind of funny and has a very cute main lead. I think the problem that the show runs into is that it feels a little more cliched than what I was expecting.

Before I went and watched the first episode, I wasn't the most excited about it. And while this show isn't horribly stereotypical, I kind of feel that the tropes used have been seen a million times before, and done better.

Bell, for example, is WAY too overpowered. I do like how the reason why Bell is this way because he isn't just written to be SUPER and MAGICAL just because. Like Kazuya, he's given a background of why he's like this, which gives him more reason to have immense power.

But I think there's other parts of the show that don't do as well for me too. The story hasn't really kicked up yet, and I worry we may get a harem situation. Also, we have a female villain who wants Bell because........well, because..........f**k, I don't know. It's never explained.

But I do think I'll continue this someday. Bell is just so cute and adorable, and I think it will be pretty enjoyable once it gets its plot on the road.  So as of right now, I give this show a 7 out of 10 based on the first four episodes. Who knows, it might get better. But it's not on my top priorities to finish.

Now, let's move onto the shows I finished from the season:

Show By Rock and Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches.

Though these shows had a few more problems than Death Parade and the 2nd season of Kamisama Kiss, both of these shows are pretty much the exact same as last time. Show By Rock and Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches were both highly entertaining, and would be shows that I'd recommend to people.

Show By Rock is essentially K-On on Crack. That is, if K-On had an overarching plot and a villain to beat. Besides that, it's just generally funny and uplifting, and has some great dramatic moments. Though at points, the show gets confused on whether to focus on one of our bands or the other, which in turn makes the girl group focused episodes lean a little on the boy band focused side.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches is probably one of the best anime series I've watched since Death Parade. It's a nice funny thrill ride, and I really liked the majority of the characters. It did have some pacing issues, especially in the 2nd half, but I wouldn't say it completely damages the show. It's just the fact of how many chapters were adapted (around 90), which is shocking.

More will be discussed about these 2 shows in my upcoming reviews for them.

What about the shows that I didn't have a good chance to watch, but want to later on? Well, let's talk about them right now!

Mikagura School Suite.

I think this show sounds fairly interesting. I still need to see what exactly this show is about, but I think it sounds funny and lighthearted. Who knows, there may be a story in here too. But than again, I need to find out more.

Plus it looks colorful, and I may have a good time. Or get annoyed, you never know.

Blood Blockade Battlefront.

I want to watch this show for 2 reasons.

1. The plot sounds badass and cool. It reminds me a bit of Soul Eater, but I may find it more interesting. The characters might actually develop too! Gasp! Shock!

2. Ai Orikasa is in it. And knowing her from Ryoko in Tenchi Muyo, I'm pretty sure she's going to do a great job. I really like her voice.

Plus, the animation looks to be VERY good. And a lot of people seem to be crazy over it. So, you know, this may just happen to be very fun for me.

Seraph of the End.

I have heard a lot of mixed reception for this show. Some people that I've seen have enjoyed it a lot, while some dismiss it as cliched. I will probably find it to be cliched, though it may be enjoyable enough that I can overlook that. Also, this has a very cool sci-fi story, and I really like those if done right.

Also, this series pulls a Jormungand, being split into 2 cours, or 2 seasons. Season 1 aired this Spring, while Season 2 will air in the Fall. So, you know, just in case I really like this show, I'll have more to watch.

And I already have a favorite female character based on about a couple seconds of the opening:

Keep on dancing Krul. Keep on dancing. Oh, and let's not forget Shiho too. And they both have pink hair, ha ha XD LOL.


This sounds like a fun slice of life mixed with some supernatural elements. And sometimes, I'm in a mood for one of those shows. Having the supernatural aspect is probably going to make this one more interesting than others. But let's be honest, who doesn't like these types of shows once in a while?

Also, the animation looks so colorful!

Uta no Prince Sama Revolutions (or Uta Pri Season 3).

Ah yes, the 3rd season. This recent season of Uta Pri has been ripped to shreds on MyAnimeList, and has been noted for its s***y animation and for just being a cash grab. And no, I haven't watched the 2nd season yet, but I'm going to. I just started Freezing Vibraton, so Uta Pri Season 2 is just going to come up in a few weeks after I finish that show.

Speaking of which, I am probably going to like Season 2. Since Quartet Night's going to be introduced, and I'm already liking Ai and Ranmaru already. And Cecil will make his first physical appearance besides being in Haruka's dreams, for no apparent reason other than to add  another guy to our reverse harem.

But even with that, still looking forward to the 2nd season. And of course for this.

Out of the shows I've watched this season or want to watch that have been licensed by FUNimation, 4 of them have Broadcast Dubs. I've watched a little bit of Show By Rock's Broadcast Dub, but my feelings on it will be talked about in my review of the show. The other 3 shows I've seen little clips, but a more clear judgement will be made when I see more.

And that's a wrap folks. What were some of your favorite shows from this season? Any you wanted to burn in a fire? What shows did you watch that were on my list?

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