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Top 12 Favorite Anime Characters: August 2015

Top 12 Favorite Anime Characters: August 2015

Warning: The following post may contain spoilers of some of the anime series these characters are from. If you wish not to know some plot details, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please exit the tab, and come join me once you've seen a particular show that may be on here.

With that said, thank you, and let's roll:

I've said this many times before, but no matter how many books I read or animes I watch, there's always going to be one particular character that stands out from the crowd. Unless of course, that book or anime sucks and I get nothing out of it.

At the end of last August, I made a collage one afternoon since I had CC practice in the morning due to the heat. I put it up on Facebook after gathering screenshots, and here it is below:

The main problem with this collage, when I look back on it especially, is that I feel that some of the characters (Yozora, Noiz, and Nai particularly) were chosen at random, when they're actually lower on my list. They're not bad characters, but I think putting them up this high on my list seems to be stretching it a little too much.

So, this year, I decided to make sure that this list was more accurate than the last one, and of course, we had some new arrivals to the list, or ones that rose. And this time, they deserve it. This collage is below:

Today, I'm going to discuss what makes these characters so great. Some of them will be review, of course, but some of these characters I haven't discussed as much. Or, you know, haven't at all. But this is a perfect time to start.

So, let's cue the fangirling GIF's and My Kind by Hilary Duff, and begin!

Before I discuss the main list, let's go over 3 honorable mentions that are worth discussing. 2 were formally on the top 12 last year, though one is brand new.

Inner Fangirl: And like OMG! It's totes obve. His last name is Ku-

*steps on Inner Fangirl's foot*

Inner Fangirl: OW! What the hell did you do that for?

Because I don't want you to spoil the surprise. Isn't it obvious?

Inner Fangirl: *pouts* Fine, you win.

Okay, good. Let's officially get started!

Honorable Mentions


Emi Yusa from The Devil is A Part Timer!

Inner Fangirl: One of the first things we noticed about this anime was Emi, right? I mean, it's hard not to notice her anyways when you first look at this show.

You have a point there. I'm not going to go really in depth into Emi's backstory, but in case you're curious, my review will be linked at this end of this post.

I think what makes Emi stand out as much as she does is that even though she is a tsundere in some aspects, she kind of grows to like Sadao in a way through the show, and even assists him in some cases. Also, though she must kill Satan and blah blah, she's not supremely gifted as much as other generic female main characters from a lot of bad YA I read. Part of this reason is the fact she is the center of most of the show's comedy. Let's see the clips!

I also have one up in my review in the link down below. I just became attached to Emi right away when I first saw her, and she had a lot of great moments in the show.


Yukari Tanazaki from Azumanga Daioh.

To be put simply, this character is amazing. An absolute comedy gem that pretty much paves her own path of comedic greatness. Simply put, she's one of the many reasons why Azumanga Daioh just clicked with me.

Inner Ranter: BTW, Dazz, when are we going to re-watch this show? You love it to pieces, right?

Eventually Ranter. I'm swamped with other shows right now.

Another interesting fact, Yukari is the only "adult" character that is on this list. Funny, huh? This next one is an adult as well, though he acts more like a teenager.


Ranmaru Kurosaki from Uta no Prince Sama.


Inner Sexy Moment Lover: You're starting to drool. Stop it! You haven't fangirled this hard since Toranosuke so you need to calm yourself.

Yeesh. It hasn't been that long.

Inner Sexy Moment Lover: Oh, yeah, good point. But I don't want you to ramble about how much you love him. It's just that obvious.

But I want to talk about him some more. Are you excited for Season 3 and more moments with him? Because I for sure am.



Okay. Speaking of which, I enjoyed Ranmaru to death in Season 2. He had a lot of emotional development, and sometimes he made the episode I was watching better if it wasn't that good. Say Episodes 8 and 9 for example. *flips hair*

Inner Sexy Moment Lover: If there's one moment you're looking forward to, you know what it is right?

Inner Fangirl: Right? Okay, let's say it together. 1...........2...........3!


Inner Ranter: Will you guys be quiet? I'm trying to take a nap since Dazz isn't using me right now.

Inner Fangirl: Can we upload a screenshot? Canwecanwecanwecanwe?

Inner Ranter: NO! We wait!

So many emotions right now. Anyone else excited for his episode? He was going to be number 12, but he's 1 spot lower due to the fact that this next character I've known for longer, and he has a little more screentime than Ranamru does. I also think he has a little more emotional depth.

Let's move on to the main list now, starting with:

Main List


Ryouta Kise from Kuroko no Basuke.

I've known about Kise's existence since the end of 2012, thanks to a Top Model show on Youtube. I was immediately interested in him, and wanted to see what he was like when I started to watch the anime. I think Kise's best trait is the fact that he's just so optimistic in basketball, and always strives to do his best. I find it cute that he uses the suffix -icchi for people he's close with, specifically with the Generation of Miracles and Kagami.

But I think where he most shines is his very interesting ability on the court, and the fact that he does have some great emotional range. Like many other serious driven characters, it's best to watch out when his drive is on overload. You wouldn't know what would happen if you stay too close. He's also very attractive.

I'm interested to see how he might progress in the future seasons, because you never know what else he can do!

Inner Ranter: Why haven't you started Season 2 yet? Are you distracted with Uta Pri?

Inner Fangirl: Shush Ranter! You know that this series has 25 episode each season, and those take a while. Be patient, okay?

Right, it'll happen eventually. Just clam down for now, brain.


Satellizer el Bridget from Freezing.

This should come as absolutely no surpirse to anyone that she's currently in my Top 12. Satellizer is one of the newest additions to the list, along with Kise, and they are here for a reason, as I enjoy them so much. Satellizer is, without a doubt, my favorite character from Freezing and a refreshing lead from some of the fanservice shows I've seen.

Unlike Rias, Satellizer isn't made to be perfect. What I like about her is the fact that she has a complex personality outside of her Untouchable Queen demeanor. She has a lot of moments with Kazuya that are REALLY cute and adorable, and her connection with him is just stronger than Issei and Rias IMO.

Though the connection isn't as strong in Season 2, since Kazuya isn't involved with that much drama in Freezing Vibration, it still feel genuine. And though I kind of wish she had a backbone towards Luis, you can see why she can't do anything. She is THAT powerless.

But in the end, I think it comes down to Satellizer just being a more enjoyable character than Rias ever was. Also, let's be honest, who couldn't help but crack a smile when this happened?


Mizuki from Kamisama Kiss.

Inner Ranter: At first, we didn't trust him at all. But I think seeing him more often made us fall in love with him I guess.

Inner Fangirl: OMG How could you not? He's just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Even though I've gotten more feels for the main ship of Kamisama Kiss, I still have that major part of me on the Nanami x Mizuki side. I just think he's charming, and Nanami healed that part of him that was lonely. Plus, he makes for a great companion, and his fights with Tomoe are highly entertaining.

Inner Ranter: I can't believe he didn't get that much screentime in Season 2. That made me angry. 

Inner Fangirl: I know, right? At least Micah Solusod answered Dazz's question at AnimeIowa about what his favorite scene to record as Mizuki. We still need to watch it!

Inner Ranter: True. Let's hope we get a 3rd season and he appears more. Because if he doesn't...

I'm going to stop you right there.


Minako Aino from Sailor Moon.

Even though her personality is drier than I expected in Sailor Moon Crystal, I still think she has more personality than the other Inner Senshi. Plus, her personality in the original series is also pretty good. Minako is one of the first anime characters that immediately stood out to me when growing up, and I've really liked her ever since.

All of her voices in the show's English dubs are pretty good, though Emilie-Claire Barlow (who some of you may know as Courtney from Total Drama) and Cherami Leigh are preferred over Stephanie Morgenstern, though like I said earlier, she isn't bad either. 

The main reason why I liked her so much as an 8 year old was the face that she's blonde. Theses days, her personality easily takes the cake.


Toranosuke Miyamura from Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches.

Inner Sexy Moment Lover: *whistles* Damn, this boy's a charmer I tell you. When we first saw him in that MEP from long ago, we were HOOKED!

Yes, he is quite good looking my friend. Toranosuke is my favorite character out of the entire series, and it's easy to see why. He has such a interesting look and personality, so much so that he doesn't have a problem with kissing Yamada to activate the kiss powers. I wonder why more anime characters aren't like this?

Also, that moment in Episode 11 where the Charm power backfired? Can I get a YES? Even with his memories gone, that was my favorite moment of the show.

Inner Fangirl: I totes agree!

Inner Sexy Moment Lover: Speaking of which, has anyone found some M rated stuff of Yamada and Toranosuke? Since that's our side OTP, we need to look for them.

Inner Ranter: Must we bring up this now?

Not now. -_- And no, I haven't found any yet. But knowing me, I'll check again.


Jibril from No Game No Life. 

Before I started this anime, I actually didn't even know that Jibril even existed. There's always going to be some characters that I don't even know exist, and they can become my favorites right away, based on looking at them beforehand, or watching them in the show they're from. This was one of those cases.


I would link more, but then again, I wouldn't be able to find them on Youtube. Also, I think these prove my point. She's just quite hilarious, and is a big highlight of this show.


Loki Laevatein from Kamigami no Asobi.

Inner Ranter: Are you giving him the benefit of the doubt since he was your first reverse harem male you felt an attachment too?

Not really. Though he was what you just said, he didn't stand out just for that. I think Loki adds something to the main cast that isn't as spread out if you put all the boys together. He also is the trickster type, and he's one of those few types of people that could normally annoy me, but he manages not to.

He's got a lot of energy with him, and likes to harmlessly play around. Despite his backstory with Balder and Thor getting a big chunk of the screentime in the last half, I still found it to be very interesting and he continued to grow on me. 

Inner Fangirl: Plus, we love him for the extra eye candy, like all of our reverse harem favorites. Fangirling break time before #5!


Moka Akashiya from Rosairo + Vampire.

Inner Ranter: Also, we need to re-watch this series again. I bet it's not going to be as good as we thought it was. This shows is pretty much a panty fest, remember?

Yeah, it is, don't get me wrong. But still, it was another one of those animes I watched when I got back into it when I was 12, and there's so many shows in the sea. It's hard to pick one to rewatch out of so many.

Inner Fangirl: This girl is such a badass, and super cool in both of her forms. She's very sweet and someone I would be friends with in her Outer form, and her Inner form kicks major ass. I love her!

I think Moka has a lot of spunk and is interesting enough for a harem main lead. What makes her more interesting is her 2 forms, and much like Nura from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, the inner forms are always the ones that are more interesting to me since they pwn people and they kick major ass.

Inner Ranter: Oh, Dazz.............



Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach.

Inner Fangirl: I'm quite happy we found out more about him. Though we haven't been watching more the series beyond Episode 20 (no time right now sadly) and we still need to read Volume 14 (though we're technically on Volume 17), I think we've grown to like Toshiro more and more as the year's gone on. He's pretty cool.

Despite watching mainly filer episodes that have Toshiro in them, or are focused on him, I still each of the episodes I've seen with him in it give me some new clues to his personality that I didn't know before. Hopefully I can find out more about him and what he does, beyond his fight with Gin. 

Inner Ranter: We kind of already know what he does somewhat already. And by filler episodes, WE'RE NOT WATCHING FULL FILLER ARCS BESIDES THAT FIGHT WITH HYORINMARU'S MANIFESTED SPIRIT! I'M NOT IN THE MOOD!


C.C. from Code Geass.

If there was one anime character who I discovered when I paged through Kate Higgins' page on Wikipedia, this was the girl that stayed in my mind the most. I have to admit, C.C. has a very striking look, and I really liked seeing her in the anime. Though she did "die" in the first episode, seeing her reappear is one of the best moments of the entire first season.

C.C. is, without a doubt, one of the best badasses I have ever seen in anime. She has a great power, is a very balanced character, and has some interesting things to her past. I do need to rewatch the series though, since I may have forgotten some things since 2 years ago, but she propels you to pay close attention every single time she's on screen.

Also, it seems like something will happen in Season 2 other than her losing her memories for a bit. Past development, perhaps? We'll just have to find out!

Inner Fangirl: Can we discuss the last 2 together? Can we can we?

Inner Ranter: No, don't even think about it. What's the point of the rankings anyway?

I'm siding with the fangirl Ranter. These 2 pretty much have the same personality traits, but I've mentioned that like a billion times.

Inner Ranter: *sighs* Fine.

#2 and #1

Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler and Ryoko Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo.

Inner Ranter: Oh look, ANOTHER series we need to watch. I thought we were watching it during the fall season with those other 2 shows. WTH?

Inner Fangirl: We heard some not good reviews for it, but I promise we'll watch it soon. Maybe after Uta Pri season 3?

Inner Sexy Moment Lover: How about Junjou? Can we watch it during Junjou?

Inner Fangirl: You know what, that's not a bad idea.

Okay, we're getting off topic. But I remember Ryoko clearly back when I first discovered that there was an Anime's Next Top Model on Youtube. I just found her to be very cool and interesting after seeing funny moments from Tenchi Universe and the OVA's at age 9. And for Grell, besides his looks (he looks very cool IMO), his personality is why I LOVE him the way I do. It's because he's very similar to Ryoko in that lovesick sort of way. Both of them are quite desperate for their men of affection, and they and get jealous when other people are near their practically wedded husbands. It's kind of strange, though they have their own different quirks. 

Grell identifies himself as a lady and acts very feminine (it really depends on the viewer on what gender pronouns to use. I use male, since that's technically what he is), while Ryoko can have an explosive temper, and tries WAY HARDER to seduce her man of desires than Grell does. For example, in Tenchi Universe, she tries to get Tenchi to have sex with her in a cave. That got a good laugh out of me. Grell's just shortened to flirting.

So as a whole, these 2 characters are my absolute favorite in anime, due to their similarities. But Ryoko will always be my number 1 bae. XD

This shall end the favorite character rundown. What are some of your favorite anime characters? i'm interested to know.

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