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Anime Genres at a High School Homecoming

Anime Genres at a High School Homecoming

Warning: The following post may/will contain spoilers from the shows I may mention here. If you wish to stay clear of what happens in any of the stories, please exit the tab, and join me once you've watched a bit of said shows. Or, you know, you can take that warning with a grain of salt, and stil read on anyway. Whatever floats your boat.

Also, the headers, whether they're screenshots, or GIF's, are chosen at random for special posts like this one. This just seemed too appropriate considering hierarchies you'll only see in books, and Emma Roberts was once in a high school series.

Are you guys ready? Okay, let's roll:

So, for the first time in my high school life (AKA throughout the run of this blog so far), I managed to attend a homecoming dance. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Why would Dazz ever decide to go to Homecoming for his high school? Is he sane?"

Well, here's the thing. I've been hesitant to go to one either due to time constraints, horror movie thoughts, or various acquaintances telling me that it sucked and it's only fun to get ready with your friends beforehand. Others enjoy it, mainly because it leads to Grinding Central, or the setting is just nice. But it's pretty much viewed with eye rolls and general contempt. Even the assemblies at my school have gotten dinkier.

But since I'm in my senior year, and me and Luke were thinking it'd be extremely "symbolic" to go as seniors (at first jokingly) I thought, "Eh, why not? It'll probably suck anyways, but it may be nice to just go and be a part of the "true high school experience" everyone seems to have except 10% of the rest of the student body."

That's where this post came to mind. And having now experienced what I've mentioned above (P.S. I actually had a lot of fun. Making a fool out of yourself 20 times, hanging out with a group of friends, and screaming whenever a good song comes on always turns out well), and having thought about it a bit, here's what this momentous occasion would go down in various eyes of the anime spectrum.

All Genres

Before Homecoming, depending on their moods, characters will participate in some of the festivities. Whether it'd be dressing up in fun attire for themed days, voting for winners for the Homecoming Court, or getting a t-shirt that says their high school is "woke," there are ample opportunities to poke around and explore this madness.

But it all comes down to the main event on Friday: the Homecoming assembly. Now, there are three things the characters are most likely to do:

1. They can go to the assembly and cheer on fellow students and teachers in fun little competitions, talk to their friends, and see what's happening at their high school that they don't know about (and probably be exposed to a dressed-up version of the truth).

2. They can go to the assembly only because they can and make sarcastic commentary the entire time. Not only does it give them a sense of life to roll their eyes every 5 seconds and look at others who share the same feelings, but if there's something they can work on on their transportable laptop, why not bring it?

3. They can skip the assembly and go home, or stay at school by chilling in the library and working on homework. After all, what's an assembly when you could possibly have to save the world, get an essay done, or chill with your friends in an air-conditioned environment?

After that, they will spend the night before doing whatever they want. After all, who says they have to follow social standards?


If you're a main male shonen character, you are ecstatic for Homecoming. Haven't gotten the chance to really hang out with your bros, dress up in tuxes that make your body feel even more sweltering, and check to see what some of the pretty girls are wearing? Well, here you go. It's all here on a silver platter.

Depending on how close characters are to their friends on squads, teams, or blah blah blah, expect them to hang out all night. Lots of chatting will commence, followed by excited dancing, bonding, and a peek to see what's really going on in that grinding circle. Also, if there's a football game streaming, get a peek at that too before the crowds come piling in.

Female shonen characters will also be excited for Homecoming, because aside from hanging out with their close group, they also can have a good time with their girlfriends. Catching up on some incredible adventures, talking about sport matches that your team recently came out victorious in, and they'll also get a peek at the grinding circle while they're at it.

If couples are daring enough, they might give the grinding circle a chance before realizing that as much as the idea to get fun and freaky at Homecoming is, they'd rather do it in a place where carnal lust is not all out in the open. Leave it to the Harem groups.


Depending on how the relationship is, one or two experiences will happen to shojo characters at Homecoming.

1. They have a great time. There will be the occasional awkwardness as the couple really basks in the glow of this night (if there is one), but the rest will be pretty exciting. The chance to talk with some close friends, dance like no one's watching, show how much you appreciate your romantic partner (even though there's also prom if you two are interested), and slow dance adorably. Some attendees may see you share some kisses and a few butt grabs, but at least you're pure and adorable and are having a blast. Who cares if others watch?

2. They have a horrible time. Bad relationships have a lot of ups and downs, and there will be one occurrence where things will spiral out of control. You two may go fight outside when the littlest thing goes on, and truth be told, you will spend the rest of the night trying to recover from it. From crying in the bathroom, showcasing your anger, asking for advice from your best friends, and screaming a song of ex-ness to the general direction of your partner, it may take up 2-24 hours for you to fully forgive each other and fall in love again.

The correct thing for you guys to do is to just call it quits. After all, if this isn't the only time you've fought, and it's clear you can't treat each other right without one becoming jealous/possessive/all of the bad qualities any lover can't stand, it's time to put a stake in it. Bye, bye, unhealthy relationship that will unnecessarily drain you!


Boys and girls, expect to be in a mob of your love interests pretty much all night. Aside from showering you with love confessions or using you as a blood temple, when a slow dance song comes on, it's going to be a full-out war to see who will get the last dance for love. Sure, they will get many opportunities to do this, but when someone wins, expect them to hold it over the others in your harem for a good long while. Or just for the rest of the night.

There will also be a period of time where someone will want you alone, in a dark corner of the hotel. It may be for another love declaration, a private question, a kiss, or it may be for a suck of something sweet (and no, I don't mean the nasty). But in the end, they will always get caught by other members in the harem (who will spy on you). Expect this to happen to you multiple times, harem leads. It'll be exhausting, but at least you'll have an interaction with all of your people.

Who knows? Depending on how much you like each of them, it could be a fun night, even if you don't spend a lot of it on the dance floor anyway. I mean, you have your own circle, right?


These characters are the ones who'd probably get bored of Homecoming really fast. Oh, for the first hour, it's fine, but when the teens all group together and feet get sore, maybe it's time to leave? While they wait, conversation will be made while shoes rest in hands or on the table, and phones will be checked to see what's going on in their world (and held up when they don't get a good signal or they're trying to Shazam a song). When it's time to go back into worlds full of dragons and advanced technology, it's easy to accept.

Because really, there are probably more interesting things going on than seeing random people they don't know living it up on a concrete dance floor.

Magical Girl/Magical Boy

Though excited for what the night could possibly bring, there's another reason why the magical characters show up: to save the world.

Sure, taking selfies and dancing the night away is pretty fun. It's even better when you have your best friends! But there's also the chance that an evil monster will attack with enough force to turn the whole event into a disaster. So grab your transformation devices, kick a lot of booty, and then continue on as if nothing happened. But that's only if a bad guy threatens to destroy the world's harmony. If not, just be young, wild, and free without the drug use and sex.

Slice of Life

Welcome to the side of things where Homecoming will be poked fun at and all of the little details will be at the forefront (AKA me). These characters will have the nights of their lives, no questions asked. Aside from dancing like no one's watching, screaming when their favorite song comes on, or noticing irrelevant details about the dance floor, the fun don't stop until they pop.

They always go with their friends, which is a plus. They aren't afraid to do something reckless, like scream "SCREW YOU GUYS!" when a song they like gets booed, or do suggestive dance moves. Important conversations will be had, such as who they think will win on the Homecoming Court, or if any exes show up. Let's not forget who still has their virginity! Ah, teenagers. At least they won't talk about 420, blaze it.

These characters will probably get the most fulfillment out of Homecoming. They expect a trashy night filled with making a fool out of everything and everyone, and they get exactly that.


They simply don't go. After all, bad things could happen, involving blood.

By the end of the night, as the crowd begins to walk out, some with their shoes in hand, they'll remember Homecoming for what it really is. A night when high school rowdiness, millennial joy, and crazy dancing occurs, and it's okay to do whatever you want.

Just wait until prom. That's where things might escalate in terms of drama. Oh, and hormones. Don't forget hormones.

Well, that's going to do it for mwah. Hopefully you all got a good glimpse of how Homecoming goes for our lovely friends. Again, wait until the spring for prom, because that's where things will get really interesting.

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