Monday, January 4, 2021

Blog Name Change

Blog Name Change

I've been thinking about this for a couple months now. When I started this blog almost seven years ago, I wanted a place to share my thoughts on anime. Whether I loved every minute of a show or never wanted to see it again, it'd be on here, displayed for some of my friends and random people to see. I started writing reviews as a freshman in high school, and now a junior in college, it's exhilarating to see how much I've changed. My writing style isn't as stilted, I don't come across as much of a self-righteous shithead when I thought I knew everything at fifteen, my tastes have drastically evolved, and I've gotten more comfortable with really digging in deep to get at the core of why an anime meant something to me.

However, I'd like to expand that beyond anime. Not only have I gotten back into watching competitive reality TV shows (which started with Top Model and has expanded into Drag Race), but I've been more frequently watching Hallmark/Lifetime movies whenever I want a break day between shows or whenever the hell I want. 2 Broke Girls was the only TV show I avidly watched when I started Dazz's Anime Stop. I've since dabbled into others (like Trinkets, Chesapeake Shores, and Little Fires Everywhere), but I want to widen my palette. Although anime is an important part of my identity, I'd like to use this blog to talk about some of my other interests so I don't leave it hanging for a few months at a time. Besides, some people in my life don't know me for liking anime exclusively.

So from this day forward, I'm retiring the Dazz and Anime monikers from this blog. Although Dazz is still a integral part of my online identity (I can't change my Facebook name that easily), I'm starting to outgrow it. I've also talked about the Chronicle Mysteries series on this blog, so talking about more than that wouldn't be too out of depth. There are so many directions I can take this blog in, and if you've been following it since I created it, I hope you join me on this journey. Get ready to see more of my world on:

Jack's Media Stop

Until next time!

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