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The Devil is a Part Timer Review

The Devil Is A Part Timer Review

Warning: The following review may contain spoilers. If you wish not to know some events in the story, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please leave the page, since I don't want to damage a watching experience for you.

With that said, thank you and onto the review:

3 Stages Of This Show:

1. First seeing this show on the Spring simulcast list

What the hell is this show about? Is this about a fast food joint and it's misadventures? Does it have a plot? I was just really confused at this point.

2. Reading about the show

Oh good, it has a decent plot. Oh, and some interesting characters. I'm game for this, it looks cool.

3. Watching the show


The show supplies a great cast of characters, both superior Japanese and English audio, and a very refreshing story.


The story begins after a fight on Ente Isla between Satan, and the hero Emilia. After concluding that he fight was unavoidable to continue, or to beat anyone, Satan and his loyal servant Alciel decide to go through a gate that leads out to modern day Tokyo. But due to a lack of magic in the human world, both Alciel and Satan lose there demon forms, causing them to have new human bodies. 

In order to make enough money to survive in the human world until they gather enough magic, Satan (who now goes by the name Sadao Mao) decides to work at the fast food restaurant MgRonald, while Alciel (who also goes under the human name of Shiro Ashiya) serves as his housemaid.

Later on, both discover that Emilia entered through the gate as well, still seeking revenge on the man who she must defeat. They are also joined by two more people who entered the gate, a high priest who works for Emilia (or should I say used to), a rival fast food chain, and pretty soon, Sadao's kind of cute (no, really cute) co-worker gets wrapped up in this Ente Isla mystery.

The main points of how wonderful this story is by just seemingly having a unique concept. This show takes the idea of fast food, twists it with individuals who have to survive on Earth, and gives us some splendid comedy in the process. None of these are new, but the way that this story plays around with them is often entertaining, and gives the viewer multiple points to like at least one side of the show.

So story wise:

Yep, it's doing fine.


I found each of the main characters of this anime to have many entertaining moments, as well as great pluses to each of them.

Let's start off with the king of darkness himself, Satan (or Sadao):

It's once in a while when I find good stich screenshots. This is one of them. *coughs* Moving on:

Satan Jacob is the Dark King over the entirety of another world, being Ente Isla. In order for Ashiya and him to survive in the human world without going cold-stone broke, they have to take up part time jobs.

However, Sadao's job hunting proves successful, and ends up taking a job at MgRonald, a parody of McDonalds. (Golden arches are a universal symbol kids, don't forget that) Although later, he is given a full time position after doing such great work in the field.

Sadao wasn't the kindest person back in Ente Isla, But then again, he was the Demon King, so that kind of takes into factor a bit. But on Earth, he manages to be a lot kinder to the people surrounding him, which makes Emi and Susano do this:

and think, "Isn't he the Demon King? Why would the devil be so kind?" Though later, they kind of begin to accept it.

But then you ask, "How does Sadao regain his magic?" He returns to his demon form by absorbing negative energy from people when some certain disaster, as in episodes 3, 5, and 10.

So all in all, King Satan is a pretty cool character. Not only does he manage to get development, but he also isn't that hard-headed, and is stuck in the evil land.

Now onto ze hero, Emilia (or her human name, Emi Yusa)!

Emi was the main rival of the devil back in Ente Isla, and went through the portal as well after Sadao and Ashiya has just went through it. To say that she hates Sadao is a understatement. She deeply LOATHES him for events from her past, which ended up causing her father to die after being taken away for training after discovering being part angel.

Emi is somewhat of a tsundere. She sometimes acts cold, and doesn't always outright admit her feelings. But underneath it, there are several reasons why I love her as a character.

She has some credible flaws as a character, which doesn't make her the "perfect" heroine that is given the special snowflake. I also like her due to the fact that she is probably the most reasonable character out off the show that anyone could fall into anyone's likes and tastes.

Also ,she has a bunch of the funny moments in the show, especially this one:

So, yeah. Have to love her.

Let's move on to Satan's faithful servant, Alciel:

Like a good neighbor, Ashiya is there. Dododoododoodododododoodododododoodoodododooddo!

Ashyia is a very key asset to Sadao's plan to take over Ente Isla, and has been one of his key generals in the fight. When he and Sadao are transported into Tokyo, he becomes the house maid, and also researches ways to find magic in the world they now live in.

With he fails to do his royal duties, he often breaks down,and will be incredibly ashamed of himself, with in Episode 4, when failing to save the gang from a earthquake, begging into the night for Sadao to punish him.

Even though Ashiya is very dependent on following his leader's orders, he also doesn't like anyone insulting him out of the blue either, especially Emi.

So this does put some good qualities in his somewhat "doesn't want to disappoint" streak, and overall, he may be a character you like or not. I did, but hen didn't take the cake.

I'm really excited to talk about the next main character (and love interest to Sadao), Chiho!:

Chiho is Sadao's co-worked at the MgRonald's he works at, and gets caught in the web of the Ente Isla mystery. She has a adorable personality that makes me want to do this every time I see her.

She is just so adorable. And I would eat up every single bit of her personality. If that's what makes a adorable character, I guess,

Chiho is perhaps memorable for other reasons besides being KAWAII. She's that love interest who isn't cheesy, yet would be awesome to get to know better, as her personality is pretty cool.

Tia Ballerd, her English voice actress, ha mentioned that this role was one of her favorites to do this year. and Tia, I can totes see why.

There are also two additional characters that come from Ente Isla, but I can't reveal a lot of info because a lot of the spoilers in this show are MAJOR.

The fallen angel who later ends up being a shut-in in the make-shift Devil's Castle. Lucifer (who goes under Urushihara).

The grand inquisitor of the church back in Ente Isla, Crestia Bell (or known as Susano).

Both of them don't deviate from the entertaining aspects of the show, and both are given some depth to them. Though I find Lucifer is defiantly more comical, but more on that buzz later.


The animation of this series was done by White Fox, who are also known for Steins Gate and Jormungand. Though this series doesn't necessarily have a lot of boom boom action, (It does in some parts, but it isn't that much compared to the other two) the animation still looks amazing.

It does have that fashionably simple look to it, but when White Fox animates something extremely eye-catching, they mean it. I really liked the character designs in this anime as they even look better than the light novel's in my opinion. But then again, it's the person who did the character designs of Fate/Zero, so I can why they look so fantastic.

All of the fights of this anime manage to all look equal, and White Fox doesn't dip on any quality through-out the series. (like DRAMAtical Murder episode 3, yeah that beta version was nasty) One difference that I noticed from the DVD version is that in episode 3, when Emi is talking to Ashiya about the looks of Chiho when they are spying, the dinner's walls are a bit more polished.

But besides that, once again I don't have a lot of complaints about animation. Maybe because it's eye-popping the first time?


The score for this series was composed by Ryosuke Nakanishi, who is also known for his scores for Highschool DXD, and Kuroko no Basuke.

The scores for this series has some very high moments, with orchestral done battle track, and a track I like to call The Accusation Track, which has a folky sound to it, but adds some background melodies to the track, which makes it even more dramatic, and makes you want to glue to your TV like this:

I was constantly staring at my computer screen when watching a scene where this song came on, it just made the scene for me.

The show's opening, which is sung by Minami Kuribayshi, is an example of a track that gets you excited before the episode starts, and with that opening animation, you just can't go wrong.

The endings, which are all preformed by the band Nano Ripe, are all pretty relaxing, giving the viewer a nice brief moment to relax before the next episode preview is on. However, depending on your tastes, the songs may be amazing or boring. I think they're good, but not great.

The original Japanese has a lot of really good seiyuus giving the characters some of my favorite voices from them. Most of them range from amazing to great, while some may get called annoying by others.

I was a bit worried when the English dub trailer came out, and had some worries that the dub wasn't going to be as good as the Japanese. I did manage to buy the complete series at Anime Iowa, so I could re-watch the show in English. And my prayers were answered as the dub is AMAZING!


The cast does exceptional as each of the characters, and I even thought some voices were even made better than the original. The only main difference made in a character's personality is Lucifer, as Aaron Dismuke is given some hilarious lines to work from.

Highlights in the original Japanese are EVERYONE! (unless Azumi Asakura and Asuka Nishi's voices get on your nerves)

Highlights in the English dub are EVERYONE!


UGHWHYDOESN'TTHISSHOWHAVEASECONDSEASONCONFIRMEDYET?! I enjoyed it so much, that a season 2 needs to be in reach somewhere.

All of the staff of this anime deserve a round of applause, this is my fifth favorite anime of all time. The Characters are great, the plot is a example of how mixing different elements can work, and the score and casts both exceed expectations.

In you haven't watched this show, WHATAREYOUDOING? Pick this show up, as I guarintee you might find some enjoyment in this show.

Score: 10/10


Unique story

Amazing characters

Great soundtrack

PERFECT Japanese and English audio



None that are major

Up next for my reviews is a series of harems (and perhaps a shojo):

(Not this yet. I haven't even finished it. It shall come later)

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