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How to Make a Successful Anime Series

How to Make a Successful Anime Series

Warning: This post will be heavily sarcastic, and is meant for comedy purposes. Please don't take this seriously, as I'm only doing this due to anime stereotypes that aggravate me to no end.

This post is inspired by a YA Midnight Reads post called How to Become a Bestselling YA Author. This makes me crack up every time I read it, and it is so true to all of the cliches in young adult fiction. Here's the post.

Are you guys ready? Let's go:

Hello boys and girls. Have you ever wanted to know why anime is so successful? It's because each series has unique balance, fun characters, and interesting plots. But that one question still lingers, how do you make it really successful, and cash in lots and lots on money?

Well, today I'm going to let you in on all of the secrets of anime, Each item I will talk about is essential to whatever genre you wish to write about. So let's go put on my teacher outfit, and start the show:

Ahh, much better.

First, why don't we talk about shonen. I mean, it's the most popular genre, correct?

You are exactly right. But here's some tricks of the trade.

First off, make sure your protagonist has spiky hair. Spiky hair is so in, and makes your main character look more sexy and badass than they should. Also, don't forget to make this spiky hair a really awesome color. Colors that have not been used before are blonde, pink, black, and orange. It'll make your character ooze with uniqueness, and has a classic vibe.

Better yet, I forgot the most important aspect to make this anime soar with success: Always make your main character a male. Females never work in these scenarios, and since this manga might attract more male fans anyway, why the heck not?

There may be more interesting characters other than the adventurous main teen, but why let that stop you? You've got thousands of characters to create, and more fanbases than normal sitcom creators get in their wallets. Making these characters have generic stereotypes works really well, and your characters might get tons and tons of fans portraying this character's sheer awesomeness. Even if this character is completely useless.

But along the way, you might need some romance to keep those fans cuddled up and smug. It's a necessity to make your main male fall in love with the most obvious love interest. Make her interesting, and always make sure she has some problem with her, such as daddy issues, or losing her magic powers. This makes your character more interesting, and it can relate to the fanbase easily.

Final thing you should keep in mind, make sure you shonen manga runs for as long as humanly possible. That way, more fans can get involved to the source material as fans throw it toward you, and you might as well jump on the bandwagon as well. Also, new arcs engage your readers, and make them connect with your interesting characters.

Now onto the next genre of discussion, harems. Harems are perhaps the most cash flow you might possibly get in a anime. So let's talk about all of the essentials to make yours unique and refreshing.

First, make sure your main male is completely blank, or better yet, a pervert. Perverts in harem have actually been taking a decline lately, so it's in your best interest to go that route.

Also make sure your male has some special snowflake quirk of his that makes all girls lust after him. Make him absolutely nothing until he learns or gets this magic power to provide more interest in whatever your writing about, and you can get cries of joy from fans.

Love interests are always a plus. in fact, make your harem as big as possible, More than 5 girls is at least enough, and maybe some day, when a new organization comes down and crap, you can have EVEN MORE! Make sure that you also make the first girl he ever meets/first to learn about his "magical" power/the one who brought him back to life completely FLAWLESS. Make her have no flaws, and don't even develop her past at all. This puts her in a more positive light, and perhaps all of the other girls will see this too.

Oh, don't forget the rivalries. A harem, or shounen for that fact, wouldn't be good without one. Make sure these characters have a quality in common, but also have opposite abilities. Even if your characters start fighting about nothing once in a while, viewers will still have something to look forward to, even if the show is perfect otherwise.

Now, perhaps one of the most important aspects on your show is fanservice. Make sure to show your girls in harems or fanservice without their tops at least twice every episode. Make sure your guys react with nosebleeds, or whatever you wish to decide. It's reasonable to show a girls panties at least a thousand times in the first episode alone, but make sure to keep it gradually equal throughout the season (or seasons if you make more, Besides, fans will thank you later)

If you do manage to show girls and guys shirtless, make sure to show nipples of only girls. Guys don't have them really in anime, they're non-existent. If a girls top rips off, show them there in a epic fight scene. This will get more thumbs up, and perhaps more appreciation for your genre.

For anime guys, you fangirls out there know what to do. Make sure all of your guys have a six-pack. In fact, make all of them ooze with sex appeal so strong, you might make girls pass out in mass by hotness levels alone. If not, there's always yaoi fanfiction, where six-packs and hotness are always welcome. But, it's vital to at least have something hot or sexy about the guys. I mean, what else can you expect?

Shower scenes for girls just happen to be on your checklist for top ways of fanservice. Guys are completely non-existent in this regard, so just have them seductively strip or whatever. Hotness levels will go up, and more money will follow. Also expect your fans beg for another 10 seasons of this particular show. Even if the formula gets tiresome, and the same main ideas get repeated OVER and OVER, fans won't even care. They'll just be throwing roses in the air because you made them HAPPY! (plays song)

These main elements will make you strive with success, and have a lot to look forward to if you really wanted some success. Side elements that you must do right.

Horror: Make sure you add as much blood and gore as possible. Who cares if your victims are the only interesting characters. Each death makes your clueless lead stronger.

BL: Nudity is forbidden here. Just show your guys shirtless, and develop there romance so fast that it will only take 2 OVA episodes to do so.

I could talk about more subjects, but sadly we're out of time. Thank you all so much for joining me today, and I hope you can prove a successful career out there.

Do any of you agree with some of the anime tropes I talked about here? Are there some I managed to forget, or ones you also want to bring up?

Would you guys like to see more comedy posts? Please let me know.

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