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Top 10 Best Anime That I Watched in 2015 + Top 10 Anime Openings I Heard in 2015

Top 10 Best Anime That I Watched in 2015 + Top 10 Anime Openings I Heard in 2015

Warning: The following list may contain spoilers of the shows on this list. If you wish not to know some plot details in the stories, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series that are mentioned, please exit the tab, and come join me once you've watched the first few episodes. But than again, if you don't mind spoilers, feel free to stay put.

Also, the pictures in my special posts are chosen randomly. Let's just say that this is one of my favorite Youtuber gags, and it basically will describe the awesomeness of both of these lists. XD

These animes and openings are my personal favorites out of the year 2015, and won't be specifically ranked besides #10 in both (the best of the best). Ratings for my best list are mainly 8 or above, but some 7.5's will sneak in there.

With that said:

Despite some of the bad anime that's inevitably out there, the majority of the anime that I watch is actually really good. There's always something to enjoy out of it, whether it'd be amazing animation, great stories, or nice music. Or a mixture of all of these elements.

Oh! Need I forget the characters:

This best list is always a bit difficult to come up with. There's always so many good shows and openings that I watch or listen to, but in the end, 10 of them made the most impact on me on both lists.

I decided to do both best lists that I did last year together this time due to both of them having the same content. AKA, the openings and shows that I believed were the best throughout this year.

Let's start off with the shows, starting off with:


No Game No Life.

This time, I'm going to start off with my first review of the year of a series I wrapped up at the beginning of 2015. No Game No Life was a blast for me! For one of the shows that I think had a lot of impact in the anime world, it didn't let me down. From its engaging story, great characters, fantastic animation, and a good score, I was pretty impressed with it. Though there were a few minor nitpicks with it, I still loved it overall. It's highly recommended if you haven't seen it.



Freezing (mainly Freezing Vibration).

While both seasons were on the same level for me, the second season of Freezing is the main one I look back on. While some of the latter episodes of that season lacked some emotional impact for me, Luis got a complete 180 redemption arc with little development as to why, and Kazuya was shoved to the side more (though he kind of wasn't my favorite in the first place), I think overall the show was pretty good.

Both seasons have a pretty strong story, some great characters, consistent animation (the #IconicCensoring game was quite enjoyable), and probably one of my favorite anime scores of all time, Freezing is worth a shot if you're into fanservice anime in general, or if you're looking for some sci-fi elements in your anime.

Both seasons get an 8/10.


Snow White with the Red Hair (Season 1).

A fairytale retelling managed to pop up in anime this summer, and what a good one it was! Shirayuki is easily one of the strongest female leads I have seen in anime up to this point, the story had a good pace and managed to focus on almost all of the characters at some point, the animation is nice even through its dips, and it had my ultimate OTP of this year. Seriously, Shirayuki and Zen are adorable.

Despite its disappointing score, its repetition of Shirayuki's red hair, and her getting into "danger," this show met all of my high expectations for all, and I'm happy for that. What makes me even happier is that FUNimation is giving this show a Broadcast Dub for the Winter season, and they're not starting off with Season 2. Cheers!


Review link (collab with Luke):


The Ambition of Oda Nobuna.

Talk about the biggest surprise out of the shows that I watched in late 2014/early 2015. When Sentai Filmworks announced their acquisition of the show, I was curious to see if it turned out to be pretty good. I mean, I didn't even know the show existed until this, so not a bad idea to see, right?

It actually turned out to be really great, and I was shocked by that. Though the set-up of this series isn't really anything original, there's something interesting about making the figures of the Sengoku period women. The good news is that the show never really exploits this beyond just that, which is a good thing. The show also has some very pretty animation, and a good character cast.

Despite the fact that a couple of the side characters didn't get enough development, and the open ending with no sign of another season or OVA's, at least it was better than Sengoku Musou, as I didn't feel like I had to know everything from the plot summary in order to understand the anime.


Review link:


BlazBlue Alter Memory.

Besides finding out that BlazBlue is spelled like the form above, I actually ended up finding this series very entertaining. Despite the fact that this show feels jammed packed with characters' motives, events, an open ending, and some iffy animation, I still found myself looking forward to watching the next episodes due to the fact that the action was really intense and seat-gripping.

Combine this with interesting main characters and an engaging story, and in the end, I got what I wanted out of this. Hopefully down the road, I'm able to explore the game series, because I'm interested to see more depth to our characters and development for some of them that didn't get it. But overall, I would say this was a good adaptation


Review link:


Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (Season 1).

Out of the harem sci-fi academy light novels that seem to get adapted into anime pretty much every season nowadays, this is one of the better ones for me. Much like Bladedance, this show managed to jump the hurdle by providing a pretty interesting story and dynamic with its characters, solid animation, and a pretty awesome score.

But Asterisk edges over Bladedance with its characters due to the fact that some of them get more development. Because of that, the characters are a tad more likable overall. Though I did have a few nitpicks with this series, I was still pretty impressed with it. This would be for sure recommended to the people who want a good adaption of this popular trend.

Score will be revealed in the review for this anime.


Kuroko no Basuke (Season 1).

My first sports anime series after the boom of them this decade, and I really enjoyed it. This show manages to break some of the shonen cliches that I've seen far too often these days, combined with some really great characters, solid animation, and another one of the best scores that proves to work for comedic or high energy scenes.

Though there is 1 cliche that's really prominent until it's smacked out of Seirin's hands during their match against Tohou, and minor animation issues, there really isn't a big problem that I had with this. Now I just need to get started on the 2nd season as soon as possible, since I've delayed it longer than my liking.


Review link:


Kamisama Kiss (Season 2).

Yeah, this should come as no surprise to anyone. I adored the first season of this series, and I was immediately on board with watching the second season after it was greenlit. And I'm so happy I did. After watching a few disappointing second seasons in the months prior, this broke that curse and managed to be super entertaining.

Kurama got some much needed character development, all of the old charm was still there, and Nanami x Tomoe really grew on me as I continued watching. Though there were a few minor things that bugged me a little bit, such as the 2nd arc having too slow of a pace, and a stereotypical character who gets out of being evil through insta-attraction, I stil adored this season, and I can't wait for more adventures. Since I finished the OVA's, what about the Past Arc when that's all wrapped up?


Season 2 Review:


Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches.

I went into this knowing that I was going to end up loving it, and I did. I know, so surprising, right? But how could I not? With its great characters, hilarious comedy, good animation, and overall high entertainment factor, I was looking forward to each week of more jam-packed hilarity.

Though the pacing does get a little rushed in the second half, and some of the witches feel added in to the show's last arc, I pretty much liked everything about this show, and it's highly recommended to every person who loves anime that walks this earth. But that's the same with my last show.


Review link:

Let's list a few shows that almost made my top 10 list first to precede my top pick, but didn't have as much impact compared to them.

 Honorable Mentions

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (Season 1)

Inu x Boku SS 

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Maria the Virgin Witch

Paradise Kiss

Sailor Moon Crystal

Show by Rock

Soul Eater NOT!

Unbreakable Machine Doll

Uta no Prince Sama (Season 1)

Uta no Prince Sama (Season 2) (mainly due to QUARTET NIGHT and Ranmaru)

Devils and Realist would go on here if it wasn't for the final few episodes, because those were kind of a mess.

And now for the grand reveal:


Death Parade.


The minor issues for this show pretty much pale in comparison to the actual show itself. With its fascinating characters and story, outstanding animation, and amazing score, this series is absolute perfection.


Let's move onto the openings, shall we?

As someone who occasionally listens to anime openings randomly sometimes due to the fact that most of them are really good, I always will find a couple that manage to stick in my brain for a long period of time. There's also a slight chance that maybe I will watch a specific anime down the road because of its opening theme. Of course, there's also wonderful animation and an interesting story, but openings can play a factor too.

Last year, I replayed Highschool DXD's opening so many times that I'm sure my parents got annoyed with me. This year, I say I had a mix of openings that were played, loved, and appreciated, rather than just a few.

Let's begin this countdown with:


Like I've mentioned before in 2 other posts this year, this show still had a pretty awesome opening besides being a underwhelming cliche. This opening song did kind of help build some excitement for the series.

Konomi Suzuki has shown herself to be a great vocalist in the past, and she keeps on proving that she still is. Her edgy delivery on this song fit pretty well with the electro rock production. Also, it's kind of nice to start jamming out when the chorus of this song hits.

So overall, I'd say this opening is pretty spot-on despite Absolute Duo not being exactly that. If the opening convinces you to check out this Winter 2015 anime, fine by me.


The opening lies because Death Parade isn't the happiness that's bubbling all over this piece. Even if the show has very dark themes and can get very dramatic, it's great to see that the opening can allow someone to have a 1 minute jamathon before the episode really kicked in.

Bright and bubbly, this opening got stuck in my head after the first few times I heard it. And how could it not? This song is just so fun, and it surprisingly fits in a very weird way, even though it doesn't have the same feel that the show can often have. That's saved for the ending.


Highschool DXD's openings are always going to be good for me, mo matter who sings it or what it sounds like. Though the 2nd opening of Season 2 was a little weak for me, I was interested to hear Choucho sing this after stumbling upon the fact that she sang the Heaven's Memo Pad opening, which was used in a TM show's opening on Youtube from a few years ago.

And good news, it didn't disappoint. From the swell of the opening's melody, to Choucho herself, there's a lot that I liked here. It's kind of weird how fanservice shows seem to have the really good openings, and another show's opening will be showing up on this list but you'll find out what it is later.


Daww this opening is just so adorable. :3 Besides the interesting visual tone to this opening and some of the cuteness that happens here, the song is very relaxing and helped me unwind a bit during a couple of the episodes. Sure, the show is pretty hilarious and at some times quite wild, but the opening doesn't reflect that, which was unexpected.

Also, doesn't anyone else find Yamada and Shiraishi super adorable? (I almost called Shiraishi Shirayuki for one quick second, but that's understandable since Ryota Ohsaka and Saori Hayami voice both the ultimate OTP's)


I haven't heard a ton of Faylan stuff beyond the Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero opening (which is actually pretty good) and the Samurai Girl opening, but what I really like about her voice so far is how raw it gets during songs. This opening is pretty epic for a series that has some bad-ass action scenes, and I think it fits pretty well with the series to be honest.

The guitars in this song sound sick, Faylan sounds great, and the buildup has great pace before going to a semi-explosive chorus. It sets a pretty good mood for an episode that manages to deliver on being action-packed. It's sweet.


Oh, this opening's great. XD It easily fits the mood of this show being a romantic comedy due to the different style of the song and the singer's vocal tone. Also, some parts of the opening are too hilarious.

Though I could see some people getting irritated by this song because of the vocalist, or it being way too peppy for its own good. I actually think it works for what this show is anyway; a peppy romantic comedy where things don't always work out for the better, or hilarity ensues.


Orpheus by Mamoru Miyano (Uta no Prince Sama Season 1's Opening)

So, not only can Mamoru Miyano slay any role he sets out to do, but he's a fantastic singer too? BONUS! Though each opening of Uta Pri thus far is pretty good in its own right, this is the most memorable out of them for me. From the swelling melody, to the pretty piano, the exceptional vocals, and the slight edge this song has at one point: everything about it is really great.

This is the only song that I haven't ever found the short version on this list, and I can see why. But in case I want to re-watch Season 1 either on DVD (if I want to get it) or Hulu, I'll be able to listen to it again.


This opening is only on here because its a guilty pleasure for me. If it wasn't, I'd probably put Paradise Kiss's opening in its place, but since I first heard that last year (it's still awesome), that doesn't count. There's also Gangsta, but that one isn't nearly as memorable as this one is.

Basically, this song was cranked up on my speakers due to the songs in Uta Pri still not giving enough oomph, or if the episode was worse than it needed to be. Sure, Iori Nimizu's vocals do need a bit more polishing to make this song fully work (less auto tune pls), but the instrumental's pretty good. It kind of reminds me of older rock n' roll songs, along with electronic elements that many others have on this list. It does its job pretty effectively, if I say so myself.


Overdrive by Hitomi Harada (Valkyrie Drive Mermaid's opening)

Though I basically have no interest in watching this series (I've seen bits and pieces of it to reinstate this fact) due to it basically being softcore yuri porn (Luke came up with that one) and not even having a wick of story until most likely the second half, this opening is easily one of my favorites of this year. Besides the fact that it's sung by Hitomi Harada, who's easily establishing herself to be a pretty good vocalist when it comes to opening and ending standards, this is probably the opening in which I can rock out to the most, thanks to its guitar driven melody.

Much like getting over some of the disappointment of Uta Pri's 3rd season with Sky Wizards Academy's opening, this was used as therapy for Dance with Devils' issues. And it's a good opening to jam out to when you're in a really pissy mood about something, so that's good for me. I hope to hear more from Hitomi Harada in the future.


Brand-new World by Shiena Nishizawa

Now, this is the opening that easily wowed me from the moment it started. And when I mean wowed, I mean WOWED. This song is pretty much everything I could have asked for for an opening like this. Good vocals, an awesome groove, a climatic buildup which leads to an explosion of synths, to just the overall feel of this song. Everything about this opening is easily just:

So much love! So much!

What do you guys think of both of these lists? Do you agree with some of these entries? Disagree? What were some of your favorite anime series or openings of this year?

And have a happy new year! Speaking of which, let's break out the dancing for good measure:

See you guys in 2016 for more reviews, special posts, and more!

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