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Anime Genres at a High School Prom

Anime Genres at a High School Prom

Warning: The following post may/will contain spoilers from the shows I may mention here. If you wish to stay clear of what happens in any of the stories, please exit the tab, and join me once you've watched a bit of said shows. Or, you know, you can take that warning with a grain of salt and stil read on anyway. Whatever floats your boat.

Also, the headers, whether they're screenshots or GIF's, are chosen at random for special posts like this one. I've discovered a pretty good deal about people in high school, and prom is just another place where gossip might get out if you're not focused on having fun (or if you see a couple together you wouldn't expect).

Are you guys ready? Okay, let's roll:

Another dance, another first. Much like with my high school's homecoming dance, I decided to go to prom just for the symbolism. My senior year is almost over, so why not make the most of it? Sure, I still had massive anxiety as to what could go possibly wrong. I blame that one horror book that was turned into a movie (I'm not naming it as it is cursed). I was still looking forward to having a good time despite that.

Despite not being as fun as homecoming (I blame the music), I still enjoyed what prom had to offer. There was some tasty food, fun dance circles, a beautiful venue, and a Pac-Man suit (I'm not kidding. That's what I wore to prom). Since I promised a post like this back in my homecoming one in October, here we go. Based on assumption or real experience, here are what characters from a variety of genres do to get ready and get lit:

All Genres

Since there isn't a grand assembly to celebrate this occasion, there's nothing to skip or actually go to. However, if they don't want to go alone, have no fear. They just make sure to find a group with some of their best friends or ask a crush if they're going as well and/or are taken. In preparation, they will buy tickets, plan epic promposals (or ask their partners without the theatrics), and talk about the fun they'll have with their friends.

As a group, characters will gather at one meeting place, preferably someone's house. While there, they will get dressed to impress, eat some food, and pose for pictures in a variety of cool ways. Dabs, pin-up girls, and what about a sneak attack? All sounds pretty good, if you ask me.

Once the prep work is good to go, it's off to the venue! Depending on how big their group is, some characters will be responsible for rides and making sure everyone gets there safely. Once there, they will meet even more of their friends who decided to come (because let's be real, some of them won't), and anticipation builds.

It's getting closer to 8:00, you said? All right, it's time to enter the doors! Are you ready for the night of your lives that's probably not going to matter in about ten years but will still be moderately enjoyable? Let's go!


This is another night for some great bro-bonding if you're a main male character. However, if you decided to really go all out with your promposal and invite a date, this is a night exclusively for you two. There will be fun with your guy and girlfriends, no denying that, but the two of you will set the mood for yourselves and just have fun.

In advance, the boys may either rent tuxes for about 300 dollars or go to Kohl's and find a line that actually describes their personality pretty well and find them ON SALE FOR MORE THAN HALF OFF? Yes, please. They will send a few options to their beau for encouragement, but they will figure out for themselves when they have found the one. Traditional, or onomatopoeia-savvy, they will work it to the extreme.

Since prom is traditionally juniors and seniors where I live, the leading males have a chance to invite one friend who either doesn't go here or is an underclassman and think, "You know what? This actually could be fun." The range may be narrow, but there will be more people at prom. After all, it's going to get hot in a long-sleeved jacket over a shirt when there's a room of about 700 people.

There will be hellos exchanged with the crew, energetic dance circles, and the ever-famous Grinding Circle. This time, it'll look really sad to the point where couples will just slow dance elsewhere when that sweet song comes on. 

Leading shonen heroines are also ready to have a great time. They will travel to a few dress shops, chain locations, and thrift stores in order to find the perfect dress. Some will wear the same one, but who cares about originality? Parts of these franchises have VERY similar plotlines, as I'm sure most of you know. But if they're worried about matching, they just need to confer with the other girls in their group to make sure they won't be remembered as an Outfit Repeater.


The couples who have shaky romantic standings will decide not to go to prom just in case tensions flare. After all, remember homecoming? The couples who do decide to go will be innocent and pure aside from a few intimate gestures. Slow dances have their names on them and they will definitely grab a few souvenir photos from the photo booth station. It'll give them a chance to look back on high school and think, "Wow. Weren't those the times?" before being plunged into the world of adulting.

At the end of the night, couples will decide to have some private time for themselves. I doubt it will be what you're thinking of, but depending on how far the romance has progressed, expect things to get more...steamy in a car, someone's house, or a park at midnight. Let love be love but make sure there's consent.


Yeah, harem leads, don't expect your situation to change from homecoming. There will be fights on who gets a dance with you, times where one of your love interests will pull you out for some alone time, rinse and repeat. The cycle won't end, victories will be held over heads, and one might just want to participate in the grinding circle if they get annoyed by all the company. It's going to be exhausting, but you may just end up having fun if your blood doesn't get sucked to the extreme or catfights start up because then it'll get awkward.


Prom will be fun for these characters, but they're still going to leave early. As they wait for the crew to assemble, there will be photos taken, stories shared, phones checked while in the bathroom (if they didn't put it with their other stuff in security (if they used that at all)), and chat among themselves. One character isn't leaving without sharing a story that could leave a few people embarrassed.

Since the occasion is more formal, there will be time to marvel in dress and suit designs, but at the end of the day, seeing people they aren't familiar with having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES isn't on their bucket lists.

Magical Girl/Magical Boy

One dance was enough. Finals are coming up, and if these characters are in high school, they will find it best to focus on those. Worrying about danger happening wherever you go abates when at home, studying and doing assignments. Unless a computer monster strikes, then it's transformation time with attacks that will surely kick ass.

Slice of Life

Once again, here's the approach that pokes fun at everything serious and is filled with characters who are ready to have a good time. This group will have some food but avoid the drinks (after all, they could be spiked), spend time with their best friends but also mingle with others, be a part of some massive dance circles, and blow a flower petal that just broke off of a corsage. Since the music isn't as good, there will be no telling others to screw themselves, but there are plenty of other ways to have fun that aren't what everyone else has.

One hour before the event officially ends, one of the friends will bring up the idea of star-gazing. Since some of the gang have curfews, someone else will bring up the idea of going to a local park instead. After leaving prom, they will discover new joy they didn't know they would find, and that includes climbing on top of the monkey bars.

While not as trashy as homecoming, prom still isn't held in the highest regard for this group. Regardless, they still live with it and get the most out of the night.


Again, they don't go. You never know the bad things that might happen. They've seen enough horror movies or have dreamed up too many scary scenarios.

When all is said and done and everyone is beyond exhausted, it'll be time to reflect on what prom's actual significance is. Not only does it give you a break from worrying about the end of school, but it's a time where you feel proud to be an upperclassman and have the privilege to officially go. There was fun to be had behind all the formal.

That'll do it for me. I hope you all got a good glimpse into what these characters would do on this big night. There may be events like this in college (at least a homecoming), so keep an eye out for more posts like this.

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