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Top 5 Worst Anime That I Watched in 2015

Top 5 Worst Anime That I Watched in 2015

Warning: The following list may contain spoilers of the shows on this list. If you wish not to know some plot details in the stories, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series that are mentioned, please exit the tab, and come join me once you've watched the first few episodes. But than again, if you don't mind spoilers, feel free to stay put.

Also, keep in mind that these shows that I talk about aren't all terrible. Some of them have good points, but the bad outshine the good unfortunately. Any show that I rate a 7 or below could show up on this list, so keep watch.

With that said:

Throughout this year, I've seen some amazing shows. Not only shows from a specific season, but others that I was curious to see for a while that I finally managed to check out. I'm proud of accomplishing that, because some of them were as I expected or even better.

Of course, we'll have some meh or bad shows. Ones that are too boring, too weak, or just too anger inducing that they're not necessarily going to become shining stars. And while a couple managed to only confuse me or get me irritated at certain parts, some managed to go beyond that, leading me to discard a few after only the first episode.

This list has been months in the making, being reorganized a few times in order to accommodate other series that were weaker. Some of these I finished, others I did not. It's a pretty interesting list if I say so myself.

How about we start off with:


Trinity Seven.

I watched the majority of this show, along with No Game No Life and The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, in December of 2014. Though I finished it back in the beginning of January. the show still manages to be memorable for some really bad reasons.

Compared to most of the people who've written reviews about this anime online, I'm personally not a big fan of Arata. Besides being a really bad special snowflake, I honestly found him to be one-dimensional and not really funny. Speaking of the characters, I didn't really like any of them besides Lieselotte and the headmaster of the school; all of them just felt kind of plain jane and not really anything unique.

At the end of the day, that's my main problem with Trinity Seven. It tries so hard into distancing itself from other fantasy harem shows, but doesn't succeed in doing that. The story feels awkward with many pauses happening just for more fanservice kicks, and everything out of this show felt like it was done before, and better elsewhere rather than here.


Review link:


Blue Exorcist (Episodes 1-8).

If there's one show on this list that I feel really bad for putting on this list, it'd be this one. I was really looking forward to this show for years, but I just didn't find enough time to watch it until the fall. And when I saw it, I really wanted to like it, I really did. But in the end, this show was just okay for the most part.

Though some of the elements weren't just copy and paste from various other shonen shows, the show felt like it was dragging itself to the ground, moving itself SO slowly that I was getting more and more disinterested in where it was going. Some of the characters were good, and some of them were not. Case in point, Yukio. You'd think he'd be super interesting to learn about, but he's just so boring I think looking at a bar of soap would be more fun.

And the way this current arc was going is not settling well with me. Besides having the worst villain introduction in the history of anime, I've heard from others that this arc in the manga leads up to be just a test.

Really? A test you say?

Haven't seen that excuse before. Oh, wait! It's been used in other shonen series and in freaking books! It's stupid to see an arc built up so dramatically just so that it ends up to be either a misunderstanding or a test for a main character.

As much as I want to get to the Shura arc, because I think that's where the show will start to get better, at this particular point I'm just done with the show. I'm not going to get past an arc built on testing out the main character but being super shady about it. That's not my cup of tea.


Not planning to review this since it's a DNF.


Dance with Devils.

Oh gee, and I thought La storia della Arcana Famiglia (shortened it to Arcana Famiglia in my review) got ugly at points. But at least for the most part it had some character development aside from a few of the males and potential that it somewhat met aside from a few things (the endless amount of filler, the unmemorable musical score).

Dance with Devils started off fine, but then plummeted into its almighty grave in the second half. It isn't absolute crap, but let's just say it's nowhere near great. The characters are poorly developed, the story changes itself with absolutely no development or explanation as to why, a character death felt like a slap in the face after their development, solo songs either didn't stand out or just made me ill, and the ending felt like childish pleading for this show to make big money to get a second season.

It's a shame, because this show managed to let me down. So much so that I kind of forced myself to finish this. But what am I supposed to do when I can't feel any romantic connection between these males and the lead, Ritsuka? Easily the worst show I completed this year.


Review link:

These last 2 are going to be shows that I ended up not finishing. One fit into my halfway rule that I typically do, and one broke it after only 1 episode.



Highschool DXD New (Episodes 1-6).

The first season of Highschool DXD was pretty good in my opinion. It managed to surprise me by actually having a story, the English dub being one of the best ones that FUNimation has put out, and for being kind of enjoyable at times, even with Asia constantly getting objectified despite only being 12 years old, and some underdeveloped characters.

Most people say that the second season of Highschool DXD managed to be better than the first; I'd say the opposite. Though the animation managed to take a step up in terms of quality, and even despite the introduction of 2 interesting new characters, the show still managed to make a few brain farts along the way that didn't help it at all.

Besides Kiba getting needed development, it isn't enough to further elaborate his character aside from being, at least for me, tossed in there just to add another male to outbalance the girls. Rias and Asia become the 2 main contenders for the "Who Gets to Bang Issei First?" game, and it becomes so distracting that the story weakens due to it not being fun to watch through. The script was still pretty funny in the English dub, but a couple of lines and the inclusion of God more often also weakened it. But the English dub also fell a little this season, with some of the actors not giving their best performances.

But I think the main reason why this season didn't work out for me was the villain defeat at the end of the first arc. When a character who's only been seen for a couple of seconds on screen defeats a villain, who up to that point was pretty strong and dodged every single attack from our heroes, with a sole punch, you know that's a big indicator to just go on your way and never look back.

While I have seen bits and pieces of Season 3 and it does look better than Season 2 (I think my Rias problem is getting fixed, at least a little), the first half of New kills any encouragement for me to go into the next season with open arms. To the people who did like this season, good for you. But I just wasn't one of them.


Season 1 Review Link:

Season 2 Incomplete Review Link:

This year, I'm doing a Dishonorable Mentions section in my worst list. Last year, I didn't see the point of doing this because I didn't see a lot of shows that would prompt that. However, since I've seen more shows this year, I've also seen more bad ones. You may know some of these from season wrap-ups or past reviews. So let's see what animes didn't fully meet expectations:

Dishonorable Mentions

Absolute Duo (Episodes 1-6) (Despite having a really good opening, the show was just too cliche and didn't really being a lot to the table. Also, Lilith Bristol)


Bakamatsu Rock (Compared to other shows I watched this year, I felt this could have pushed itself beyond what it produced)


Cat Planet Cuties (Episodes 1-2) (Show was WAY too cluttered with many elements piling on top of one another, so much so that I didn't care)


Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! (Episodes 1-4) (Episodes 3 and 4 are to blame; as the comedy got really annoying)


Gangsta's ending (No closure compared to other shows. It left a really bad taste in my mouth)

7/10 for the series, 1/10 for the ending

Heaven's Memo Pad (half of Episode 1?) (Score often outshone all of the voices (most likely DVD error), main character was very pathetic and wishy-washy, nothing happened)


Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Season 2 (More jam-packed than Season 1 was, causing me a great deal of confusion)


Jormungand: Perfect Order (The first half is pretty bad; leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Bookman is up there with Restia as a bad villain by doing absolutely nothing. Some of Koko's crew are still treated like disposables)


Mikagura School Suite (Just an average series overall; didn't really hold my interest. Plus, the battle animation was horrid)


Sengoku Musou (Episode 1, half of Episode 2) ("WTF?" and "What's going on here? I'm confused!")


The Testament of Sister New Devil (Episode 1) (Way too much fanservice and convenience. Also, who'd want to watch it after hearing about the disgusting things some of the girls have to do? Not me)


Triage X (Episode 1) (Meh is all I have to say)


Uta no Prince Sama Season 3 (Anything that made STARISH good has left the building. Haruka is simply a plot device and nothing else. Various other problems with the series besides the flawless Ranmaru)


Now it's time for the reveal of my worst anime of this year. Drum roll please!


Sky Wizards Academy (Episode 1).


The first episode of Sky Wizards Academy instantly turned me off the minute I started it. I was expecting it to be bad, but oh boy was it BAD. I really have nothing else to add to this episode that I didn't mention in the summer wrap-up. Basically, the characters are horrid, half of the episode is exposition, and the other half is the same thing 3 times.

But if you do want to watch it, please just go and watch FUNimation's Broadcast Dub. You'll thank me for not getting any migraines listening to the Japanese.


And that ends the list. Did any of you like the shows that I talked about? Didn't like them like me? Have any other shows that were bad, and that you watched this year?

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