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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Review

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Review

Warning: The following review may contain spoilers. If you wish not to know some events in the story, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please leave the page, since I don't want to damage a watching experience for you.

With that said, thank you, and onto the review:

It isn't a surprise that I've longed to watch this show for a long time. Erio is without a doubt a real eye-catcher, and for some reason, the show sounded super quirky.

In the world of ANTM, I've used Erio like other girls in shows, and have made it far in some, and not so far in others. And, out of all the shows that NIS America licensed, this was the show I wanted to watch the most, besides Pandora Hearts.

So, this summer, I started it, and finished it in September. What did I think?

To be honest, I found it surprising that I really liked this show. Not only for the characters, but he animation and score are very good as well, and embody the mood of what I like to call one of the most unique animes I've seen. Though the story could have been a bit stronger in some areas, and some episodes did get a bit boring, this show was still very fun.

Let's go on to the story:


Makoto Niwa travels to his aunt's house for the semester. After she picks him up from the airport and takes him home, he meets a girl that is constantly wrapped in a futon. After trying to unwrap it from her, but with no success, he finds out why she is constantly wrapped in her futon. She got into a accident after she tried to fly her bike off a railing near the ocean, and she failed.

Also, keep in mind that she went missing for half a year, and reappeared in the sea. And add to the fact she claims herself to be a alien. Yup, that's Erio Towa in a nut-shell.

After talking with her more, and meeting other unique people, it's going to be an interesting and long 6 months.

One part that I liked about the story was it's development of characters. What I found to be a problem is that it doesn't really know when to grow. When the characters begin to shine, this show knows what to do. But there isn't a lot of plot development. and the show often feels more like a slice of life rather than a interesting somewhat sci-fi yet still comedy.

Also, I found myself getting bored when watching episodes, which isn't really a good thing, but the characters helped save it for me.

Now onto what I can say is a pretty well rounded set of characters:


The characters in this show are clearly the best part about it. Not only do they supply some great comedy, but they also are very unique in personality, to the feel that they aren't all too stereotypical.

Let's start off with our lead:

Out of all the characters, I can admit that Makoto is clearly the most stereotypical, but that doesn't make him bad. I still find him to be somewhat interesting.

Makoto moves in with his aunt in the city after his parents go overseas for a reason not explained. He has these things in his mind called adolescence points, which can rise and fall based on his encounter with girls. He also has a strong disbelief with aliens, and all that science fiction gizmo. That makes it hard for him to get to know Erio at first.

He does makes some friends with other girls in the series, but we can talk about them later on.

Speaking of Erio, let's get to her right now:

This is probably the character that people are going to remember most from this anime, and with good reason. Erio is super adorable, and she has a interesting back-story as well.

In her first year of high school, Erio went missing. Six months later, she was found floating in the sea near her home. She has no memories of how she got missing in the first place, but since then has developed a long fascination with aliens, even believing that she is one herself.

She mainly wraps herself in a futon after she broke her leg trying to fly with her bike. Later on, she doesn't wrap in it as much, but still does when she's embarrassed. She is often reluctant to go back to school because of her shady reputation, so instead, she mainly works in her great-grandmother's candy store. Since her birthday is forgotten, her mom decides to celebrate it a day after hers.

I really like Erio because she makes this anime stand out, and has a unique presence to her as well. And she's cute, but we can thank the illustrator of the source materials for that. But her personality is nice, and I thin she would have made the anime a lot

Now time for Meme:

Meme is Makoto's aunt and Erio's mother. She starts the series at 39, but turns 40 in Episode 5. Also, she's kind of crazy.

She often acts happy all the time, and often teases her nephew by attempting to seduce him. She also has many great moments in the show, especially when she throws Erio after getting mad in Episode 1. And in all of her seduction attempts.

She lets Erio not attend school and do whatever she pleases, and she's not as constricting that some parents can do. Though at some points, she nearly acts the exact same as her daughter with her being eccentric.

I find Meme probably the best comedic relief in the anime. Not only is she super funny, but she can have a good heart at times. I liked the episode where it explained a bit about her childhood, which made me drawn to the screen.

Ryuko's turn:

Ryuko is Makoto's classmate who has a crush on him. Due to the kanji in her name, Makoto sometimes calls her Ryushi, which she reminds him to call her Ryuko. And she always has a cute signature hello.

She is quite energetic, and also plays on the basketball team at school. Though she can be less bouncing off the walls, though she isn't shown with any other emotion.

Other characters include another one of Makoto's classmates who calls him transfer student, a childhood friend of Meme who wears a cowbell on his right ear and makes bottle rockets, a young girl in a astronaut suit who claims to also be from outer space, and two members from the baseball team.


The animation was done by the studio Shaft, who are also known for animating Negima, Monogatari, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

One thing that Shaft never seems to fail is with it's gorgeous angle on all of it's shows, as well as amazing animation quality. This series doesn't manage to disappoint. The opening and ending are cluttered with gorgeous visuals, along with the series as well. A gorgeous sunrise, amazing character designs, nice shots. This anime has a lot of it.

It's pretty impressive, but considering what Shaft has done in the past and more recently, this shouldn't be a surprise.


The scores for this series was composed by the scoring group Franz Maxwell I., who haven't really done anything other anime scores besides this, although one of it's members has composed songs by other artists.

The anime does really well with it's happy and somber tracks. Not only do some of them incorporate some unique instruments and synths, but depending on what scene they can be in, it makes them better in some ways.

The opening is good, but I do away with that horrible auto-tone on the opening, then I would like it more. The ending is super adorable, and makes me want to snuggle in a blanket.

The show did get released here in the USA, though not with a English dub. The Japanese does have a distinct quality to it, If this does get a English dub, I really hope the staff does put some good work into it, as it needs it.

Highlights include Miyu Irino, Asuka Ogame, Ai Nonaka, Emri Kato, and Yuka Iguchi.


Before I watched this show, I was a bit concerned on how this was going to end up. So, it was a surprise on how  much I did actually like this show. The characters, the animation, and the score did play a big role into why I did like this.

Though I would have liked more story, and didn't manage to get bored during some of the middle episodes, I think this show would have gotten a higher rating. But for what it is, it's still a great show, and I highly recommend it.

Score: 9/10


Unique and diverse characters.

Fantastic animation.

Great score.

Stellar original Japanese.


Story doesn't take as much focus as I would have liked.

Some parts can get a bit boring.

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