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Haganai NEXT Review

Haganai NEXT Review

Warning: The following review may contain spoilers. If you wish not to know some events in the story, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please leave the page, since I don't want to damage a watching experience for you.

With that said, thank you, and onto the review:

Haganai's first season managed to impress me with it's fun characters, unique set-up, and interesting music. So when I found out that there was a second season, I wanted to watch it immediately. though it took a while to watch, I watched it every night once I got the set, which was almost a year after I saw the first episode.

Well, in the end, how was it? Was it better than season 1?

In terms of comedy, no. In terms of character development, hell yes.

To be honest, this is perhaps one of my favorite slice of life anime. Though now with extra story, and mysterious engagement, this made for one awesome final episode, and a ending that will make you scream "DAMN IT GIVE ME THE THIRD SEASON ALREADY!"

Let's here what's new about the story:


We don't really have a main change in premise. The Neighbors club still exists, and it mainly focuses on there daily shenanigans in the club room. however, we have some new characters to help with some new encounters of our dear main character.

In the series, we are given constant foreshadowing that Sena might have actually known Kodaka since they were kids as well. No not as friends, but mainly for a arranged marriage. LE GASP!

Soon, this unfolds rather surprisingly. What if Kodaka has feelings for Sena? What will happen to the love triangle? Will this affect the club's interactions with Kodaka?

The final episode ends with a intense brawl scene with Kodaka and Rika, which might end up with you biting off your nails. Because the feels, and the intensity.

This story twist actually adds a lot of fun to the story. Though it may seem to some just a ploy to get shippers of a couple to squeal to the top of the tree-tops, I found it to be kind of interesting, including Yozora and Rika reaction to the news. XD

All in all, it's a nice change to the normally slice of life random comedy of this show, and it's great because of some great character development, 

Characters getting developed eh? Let's talk about that:


Besides meeting back up with our old gang, we have some newbies to talk about as well. Though two are given more screen time, and I guarantee you'll be attached to them more.

Let's start with Kate Takeyama:

Kate is 16 years old, and is the older sister of Maria. She meets Kodaka after he's done with finals, and is walking outside. She takes a liking to Kodaka, and also calls him "Big Brother" just like her younger sister. Often she can be seen acting in a laid back attitude, and has a habit of farting and burping in public.

She also has a friendship with Pegasus, aka Sena's father, as she occasionally goes on fishing trips with him. We can hint that she's heard about the engagement from the end of Episode 7.

I liked Kate. She was a nice addition to the supporting cast, and had some great moments in the episodes she was featured in. I can see her as relatable, due to the fact she she does have some aspects of my lazy personality, though it doesn't come out as often.

 Now onto Aoi:

Aoi is the student counsel treasurer, and is Sena's rival in school. She has ranked second every single time a last year exam has rolled around at St. Chronica's, and is also envious of Sena's popularity and other excellent attributes. *flips hair*

On two occasions, she tries to disband the club by reading off rules from the handbook, and by proving that Maria isn't actually a sister. However, these fail when Yozora offers alternates to the rules, and Sena bribes- I mean, asks her dad to temporarily promote Maria into another position.

There's also the student council president, but she hardly maters right now.

All of the supporting characters from the first season do manage to re-appear, besides of course the main cast.


The animation was done by a branch of the studio AIC, known as AIC Build. They are most known for the Tenchi Muyo franchise, Heaven's Lost Property, and Date A Live.

For this season, some of the staff did manage to change. the animation does look a bit different, and a bit more sleek. For example, Kodaka's hair is lighter when it's blonde and darker when it's brown, the faces look a bit different, you get the point.

I still find it to be nice animation, and a step up from last season. Majority of the characters do look better than they did last season, and overall it still hold well.


The scores for this series is once again composed by Tom-H@ck, who also composed the first season of the show.

The score still has a familiar feel to it, while also adding some new pieces to it as well. These new pieces are actually pretty good, especially the dramatic ones.

The opening and ending for this show improved, as both are really catchy, and so fun to listen to.

All of the voice cast from the Japanese and English dubs all return, though the English dub tacked on with a new ADR director. The dub has improved since the first season, although it was almost a year apart in recording. The voice actors who didn't do as well have improved, mainly with the aspect of Jerry Jewell. I also got used to Yukimura and Maria's Japanese voices as well.

All of the new additions in Japanese and English are prefect, and all of them are highlights. Though kudos to Brina Palencia for owning Kate.


Overall, this was a pretty successful second season, and it triumphs Date A Live's efforts in very way. Though the comedy isn't as strong in the final episodes, the character development is easily one of the best aspects. 

To fans of the first season, this should really be near the top of your to watch list. Not only can you explore more interesting aspects to a show you already love, but it has so much more.


Score: 9.5/10


Great character development.

Good story.

Improvement in animation.

New OST tracks are good to listen to.

Also improvements in Japanese and English dubs.


Comedy isn't as strong in the latter half.

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