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How to Create Prefect Love Interests (And Protagonists)

How to Create Perfect Love Interests (And Protagonists)

Warning: This post will be heavily sarcastic, and is meant for comedy purposes. Please don't take this seriously, as I'm only addressing tropes that constantly irritate me to no end.

Also, mention of every fangirl and fanboy's desires. 

With that said:

Welcome back young lads to our next educational lesson. Last time, I gave you a few tips on how to make your anime pop with uniqueness. Today, I will talk to you on how to make the most appropriate love interests, and some bad-ass protagonists.

Ahh, the greatness that is love. You can make it sad, ugly, happy, and sexy. All just from one touch of your perfectly manicured nails. From a shiny female with sparkles, and a sexy male with rock hard abs, this is a genre you don't want to miss.

So, grab a pen, and your handy dandy notebook. Here's what you need to do to have a successful romance:

First up, let's talk about girls, if you're in a harem kind of mood. Or, if you have a main boy in your story. One of the first things that you should ALWAYS do is not develop the main love interest. Sure, she may have some problems with her own family to deal with, but should you really care about that? It's much more interesting to make her FLAWLESS, as I've said before. There will be no need for a harem if you follow this, even though it's own of your main genres.

Also keep in mind to make her gorgeous as well. Because without these looks, what will become of your two main characters? He'll probably fall in love with one of those unimportant skanks, and you wouldn't want that, now would you? Long hair, GIGANTIC boobs, and a sexy body are the main assets you should always follow. And don't forget a important title!

For personality, make sure you dig into anime archives to make her have some typical personality tropes. Make her a cutie pie, a tsundere, a bitch, or a completely flawless leader who has no shame. It's super easy, and very fun to go for as much uniqueness as you possibly can.

If you want to go a different route and have a female as the main protagonist (or a reverse harem). make her a complete idiot. You know those Mary Sues in YA literature everyone just praises? Well, it's just like that, only in anime form. 

Make her have some stupid decisions that the viewers can't help but keep on loving, and make her utter a few words every single time she tries to talk. It's perfect, and will make your story sell lots more. Just trust me on this.

Now onto our males, or as our fangirls like to call them:

Besides in real life, in which the wonderful Man Candy Monday exists, it can still be in anime form. After shows that have been popping out of creators' minds that focus on our males rolling out of Abercrombie & Fitch, it makes perfect sense to make any male love interest look this way.

First up, our main male character in every harem. Follow every other anime, and make him super generic. If his personality is literally a cardboard cutout, the better. Your harem girls are going to be better remembered anyways, so there isn't a single worry. As I mentioned in my last lesson, this is VERY important.

If we're going for love interest appeal on the other hand, make it as least reach over 10. Lets be honest, some guys can be okay, and some guys can be HOT. Go for the hot route. Make him supremely gorgeous, with perfect tousled hair, but make it dark. YA's doing it, so why don't you?

If his shirt comes off, time to cue screaming. We know that Kyoto Animation has been exploring with our temple of sexiness, so make him have a six pack. Eight packs exist as well, but aren't used as often, unless you're bad-ass.

Just one note, don't make your protagonist 12. We don't want another gun show situation, do we?

Yeah, thought so. 

In a reverse harem situation, make sure to give all of your guys classic tropes, since that always works. Try to make one happy all the time, one the opposite, a douchebag, a prankster, and the silent type. There's more tropes out there in the world, but this is a great list to start off with. Oh, and if all the guys are brothers, don't forget to make them sadistic!

Plus, make the guys all fall in insta-lust with the lead heroine for no reason whatsoever. Simple reasons such as "She's hot." will work quite well. If it's in the matter of 5 seconds, that's even better.

If we're talking about supernatural creatures, go for vampires. It's not over-rated, and you can explore it in fun new ways. At least make them suck as much blood as possible from the girl, that you'd think she would be dead. But she isn't, because of your own sweet magic.

 Kisses are up to you. Will it be sweet? Or incredibly sloppy? It's all up to you on what's more romantic. Favorite a guy, so that shippers will pop out everywhere. This guy may not be all proper, but hey, he's SOOOOOO HAWT, remember?

If we want to go to boys-love, just remember. Make the uke feminine, and the seme to be hot and older. This can get you a lot of more fans, including fangirls. plus, it's the right golly thing to do.

The relationship needs to at least have some pacing, and 2 OVA's should do it. Even though your manga might have at least 10 volumes, it shouldn't really matter.

If you follow my advice, love will surely blossom like a red rose. Inspiration can be really contagious, and it's always great to pass it on, good or horribly bad.

Unfortunately, we're running out of time again. Thank you so much for joining me, and I hope to see you again for another lesson.

 I did elaborate on some I did mention last time, but to put more clarity on them. 

What do you guys think? Any anime tropes that you liked, or ones I should talk about next time? Feel free to leave any feed-back. 

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