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Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun Review

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun Review

Warning: The following review may contain spoilers. If you wish not to know some events in the story, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please leave the page, since I don't want to damage a watching experience for you.

With that said, thank you, and onto the review:

I do know some details about the anime and manga industry. I have some clue as to how anime and manga are made, but I don't know a lot about the subject. Goodness is, I learned a bit more about manga from this show.

Besides potentially helping viewers learn about more aspects to the manga industry, this series gave way to some lovable characters, and great slice-of-life antics.


Gekken Shojo Nozaki-kun is without a doubt one of my favorite summer 2014 animes I've watched this year, though I didn't watch it in the summer. It was cute, heart-warming, and there was lots of fangirling and hinted romance.

Let's start off with the story:


Chiyo Sakura has had a long time crush on her classmate Umetaro Nozaki. However, she is really nervous about approaching him for this. Once she does, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her a autograph. Later on, after going to his house, she finds out that he is her favorite manga author Sakiko Yumeno. She agrees to help him out with his manga, and therefore becomes his assistant. Though she would rather get close to him.

Along the way, Chiyo comes across other people at her school who all pitch in to help out Nozaki with his manga. Add along Chiyo's close friend, a past editor, and a manga writer with tanuki power. Can Chiyo get closer to Nozaki? Can they fall in....... love? *bats eyelashes*

I personally do think this story is rather good, though it does drift into slice-of-life territory. However, it does manage to make these new situations fun. I actually cared a lot more for the interesting ways this show dealt with itself then Arcana Famiglia. Yeah, I know I keep mentioning it, but a lot of you know I have a bone to pick with it.

Ranging from a fun day at the movie theater, a cute little sleepover with just us dudes, a day helping out the art club, and having some fun with the drama club. All of these situations are pretty fun, and they never grow stale.

So overall, this show handles its scenarios quite well. I love every single episode, and each one had such a cute factor in it.

Character time!


All of the characters in Gekken Shojo Nozaki-kun are easily likable. It's been a while since this has been in effect, but it works very well here.

Let's start off with Chiyo:

Chiyo is our main viewpoint character of the series, and she's a good one at that. Not only is she warm, friendly, but she also gives Nozaki advice through-out the series in order to help him with his manga. 

Chiyo has had a crush on Nozaki since the entrance ceremony, in which she arrived late. She met Nozaki on top of the school gate, and lifted her up over the school gate. At first, she mistook Nozaki to be a dark brooding person, but later on, she gradually started to fall for him. She even has Valentine's Day chocolates that she has never given to him.

Through-out the series, Chiyo wonders if Nozaki also likes her, and easily gets nervous in different situations, such as walking home with him, and going to the art store with him as well. You wonder if they will get closer, or if your the impatient type:

Then again, this is what the super shippers would be like. including me, though I ship all the couples.

Anyways, I find Chiyo to be a great character to the moe aspect. She isn't very annoying, and might become a character than you just can't help but adore. I found her to be a better example of cute done right, and it isn't stereotypical.

Now it's time for our title character:

 Nozaki, besides being the affection for Chiyo, is actually a famous shojo manga author, who is most known for Let's Fall In Love, where some scenes from that manga play in the show through various episodes. He does go under the pen name Yumeno Sakiko, and it isn't explained. I think I would've liked that.

Nozaki doesn't really have too much emotion, as he often wears a blank face. Despite writing a popular shojo manga, he has no experiences with love. This causes his story ideas to sometimes be unrealistic or far-fetched. He often takes inspiration from real life. often events that can be ridiculous. He lives by himself, and it is explained later in the manga on why that is so. But now, it's unexplained.

He is thankful for Sakura's help, but can often be oblivious to her own feelings for him. For example, the last episode. I'm not going to spoil it, but WHY NO KISS?

That aside, Nozaki can be a very entertaining character. At first glance, he may be somewhat of the stereotypical emotionless type, but at least he has some personality. Though that can be saved for funny moments.

Let's go to Mikoshiba:

2 notes before I start describing Mikoshiba's personality.

1. He is the only main character in this show who is not iin a shipping. Nor does he have a girlfriend.

2. Roses are his signature items, and what he does help out with Nozaki's manga is drawing pretty roses. It brings out a character's charm.

Mikoshiba is first introduced to Sakura in Episode 2 as a very sexy guy (I'm being a bit over-dramatic, my bad) with a more shy attitude. Despite being quite popular with the girls, Mikoshiba is very shy, and tends to get incredibly uncomfortable if he says anything embarrassing. Don't ask him to help with art club at anytime, he might accidentally says he'll volunteer for nude. Don't say I didn't warn you.

He is actually the inspiration behind Nozaki's protagonist in his manga named Mamiko, but Mikokoshiba is unaware of this. He also has other hobbies, including playing dating sims to help talk with girl, as well as collecting figurines of said pretty girls. Well, anime ones, not actual.

Yeah, I didn't think someone who was very flirtatious actually be quite shy. Well, until Mikoshiba came along. I would say he's a charming character. Not only does he have a side that's rarely seen from a flirtatious perspective, but he also has some great moments in the show. Those are mainly funny, especially when in Episode 4, Mikoshiba asks Nozaki to play a dating sim with him. Let's just say, they write down a story different from the game's intent.

Now, let's move on to Yuzuki:

Yuzki is Chiyo's best friend who is normally seen practicing with the basketball team. Her duty is to show them a example of what a bad team player looks like. Of course, Wakamatsu doesn't understand that. But more on him later.

Though she has a bit of a tomboy demeanor, she actually is an amazing singer for the school's Glee Club. She is given the nickname Lorelei because of this. She also is asked to help out with other extracurricular activities.

I liked Yuzuki. Not only is she super energetic, she does have a good personality. And she's also voiced by one of my favorite seiyuus, so that helps. I also managed to really like her funny moments.

Let's move on to Kashima:

Sorry to burst your bubbles girls, this is a female.

Kashima is Mikoshiba's closet friend, and is known for her masculine features. She is also the attraction of many girls, some who possibly don't know that "he" is in fact a girl.

Being a member of the drama club and under president Hori's direction, she can be a bit dense, and is known to sprout wrong idea regarding him. this can result in his anger, but she still has the tendency to do it often. She also has a problem with ditching, though blame that large crowd of girls that surround her every day for the most part.

Interesting tidbit for you, though she can be good at acting, her trying to sing is a disaster. Don't convince her, EVER!

So to conclude, I found Kashima to be a decent character for a mistaken male. It's always interesting seeing these characters, though it doesn't happen too often.

Now on to Hori:

You know when you can't find a appropriate picture, you manage to find something that's one of the funniest moments in the entire series. That would be the case here.

Hori is the president of the school's drama club, and is another one of Nozaki's assistants, helping out in backgrounds. In exchange for his help, Nozaki often writes scenarios to use in the drama club.

Despite having incredible acting skills (Episode 10 doe), he normally doesn't go up on stage due to his short height, and mainly works on sets and props. He often reacts violently to Kashima, when she's mainly goofing off, or missing club meetings. Through all of this though, you can't help but feel some shipping power move through your veins.

Yeah, I can't help it.

Hori is a decent character in the show, and I did like some of his outbursts of anger. They were quite funny to me, and his personality is actually nice too. Even if he may be aggressive, he still cares.

Last one, it's Wakamatsu:

Wakamatsu's is Nozaki's junior, who was on the middle school basketball team that had Nozaki was team captain. Nozaki doesn't do basketball anymore though, due to him writing manga.

While Wakamatsu still plays basketball, he later helps out with Nozaki's manga with the screentones. He also has problems with insomnia, due to Yuzuki playing on the baksetball team. However, once he is given a tape of Lorelei (Yuzuki) singing, he now falls asleep to it every night. Unbeknownst to him, they are in fact the same person.

I liked Wakamatsu. Not only is he the youngest out of the main cast, but he is also a bit naive because of this. I also liked how he didn't figure out that Yuzuki and Lorelei are in fact one of the dsame. Because if he did, we wouldn't have a couple to ship.

Other characters include Nozaki's current and former editors, and a college student who works with Nozaki's former editor. And that has a obsession with tanukis that are everywhere in her manga.


The animation for this series was done by Dogakobo, who is also known for producing the animation for series such as 11eyes, Yuruyuri, and Majestic Prince.

One word to describe this animation would be vivid. It often relies on some very bright colors, and does a lot to make it all stand out. The character designs are also very good as well, and there isn't a lot of derp animation moments.

All in all, there's isn't any problems with it.


The score for this series was composed by Yukari Hashimoto, who is also known for doing the scores for Toradora, Sankarea, and Golden Time.

Throughout the series, the score never really manages to go crazy. However, it doesn't really stick into anyone's mind, and it's not as memorable as the rest of the series is. It does have some nice tracks here and there, but it doesn't truly shine.

Though, the opening and ending are actually pretty good. Mainly towards the opening, but still.

The  seiyuus in this show all manage to do an amazing job, including a relatively new one who hasn't been starring in a lot of shows named Ari Ozawa. Her voice shows how the more moe voices of anime can work without being irritating. She is a new addition to the group of seiyuus who can pull off some of the cutest anime voices.

Highlights include Yuichi Nakamura, Ari Ozawa, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Miyuki Sawashiro (slay), Mai Nakahara, Yuki Ono, Ryohei Kimura, and Diasuke Ono.


Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun is easily one of my favorite animes of this year. Not only does it have charm, and comedy. But it also is super enjoyable to pretty much everyone.

I recommend this show rto people who want a decent comedy, or for people who just need a pick-me-up. With that said, Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun is a show that exceeds expectations, and may be possibly a favorite out of the 2014 lineup.

Score: 10/10


Enjoyable characters.

Laugh-out-loud comedy.

Great insight onto some aspects on making manga.

Stand-out Japanese cast.

High enjoyment.


Score isn't as distinct as others.

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