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Top 10 Anime Openings I Heard in 2014

Top 10 Anime Openings I Heard in 2014

Whenever I watch anime. there are several reasons why I remember it. The unique stories, the great characters, amazing animation, and everything in between. However, I always look forward to what the openings and ending of each new series will be like.

However, I mainly focus on the openings, as you might discover your favorite anime if you find them randomly online. It's always fun. So. here are 10 great openings to anime that I watched this year.

Please note, it's extremely hard to narrow this down, mainly because I find a lot of openings catchy and super memorable. These openings I find to be quite special, and played an impact on what openings that I'll be looking forward to down the road. I'm not going to rank these, but instead, I will just reveal them.

With that said:


TILL THE END by the main cast of Kamigami no Asobi

My first review, so naturally I picked this first. I didn't think the first reverse harem show I'd watch would have such a catchy opening.

Till The End, sung by all of our gorgeous six main male leads, has a nice electro-pop feel to it like all of those catchy songs that I like on the radio. All of the guys share perfect harmony, and it's a great song to jam out to. Or to fanboy over.



To be honest, I'm not so sure what I was expecting from DRAMAtical Murder's opening. Perhaps something mysterious? Fanservicey? I didn't really expect this, though in a good way.

The opening, which is sung and produced by GOATBED, is actually very fascinating. Some of the animation in the opening is very great. Not to mention that GOATBED did help out with some of the score in the game, so they do have experience with the interesting plot this show has.

The song's vocals are quite good, and I especially like the chorus. And like in other anime, the song's title is never mentioned in the song. But then again, that's what I mostly see nowadays.

I'm quite glad NAZ didn't go over the top with fan-service in the ending as like Highschool DXD (and New) and Free. I haven't seen Free's season 1 ending, but I'm too much of a wimp to find out. What I've seen though.... *shudders*

My eyes. They burn.


Me o Tojite Gyusshiyo by Abcho

Why, oh why does this have to get replaced halfway? :(

I got a sampler disc of this show at Right Stuff's panel at Anime Iowa, and I found it quite entertaining after only 5 episodes. Especially this opening song. Fun stuff to hum at a melody in your head at fencing camp.

Not only does this opening have a lot of sass and rock worthy grooves, the song overall give me happy feels all over. It's such an enjoyable song, and I found it catchy. Extremely catchy.

Though this series is more than 12 episodes , and it might take me a while to find the DVD set of this if I have enough money, I can't wait to watch the rest of this show.


Enamel by SID

Trust me, this isn't the only song sung by SID on this list.

SID is perhaps one of my favorite Japanese rock bands. 3 openings of awesomeness just make me want to jam out and fan-girl. This opening excels the one they made for season 1 in all aspects.

not only does this song have great vocals, but the melody and it's chorus are just jaw-dropping. Honestly, I never a rock song could be this damn good. It's just AUGH! This song ruins me.

And the Shimgami. OH MY GOD! Most unexpected part in the opening.

Hopefully, more of there openings are just as good as this one. If not, I'll be pulling a sad face.


Kyomei no True Force by Hitomi Harada

Out of all of the openings I've heard her sing, can Hitomi Harada sing anything bad? For me, not really.

This is a perfect example of how edgy can work in electro rock like this. This song is literally a fist bump anthem for me, and I REALLY enjoyed it. It's really nice to hear the whole song as well, and it's just a great song in general.

There's also another great opening sung by Hitomi Harada, but I'm not putting it on here because of the anime just not leading up to my expectations. 

Even though my friend really liked it, I found it one of the worst shows I watched this year. And it was another reverse harem that I also have a review for. Arcana Famiglia.

Moving on:


ViViD by May'n

And let's welcome over the singer most known for Sheryl's singing voice from Macross Frontier.

After hearing Lion, the second opening from Macross Frontier, I kind of knew to keep an eye on May'n . Sadly I didn't do this, but I did recognize the name when I saw it on Wikipedia for this show. And this song is freaking amazing.

The instrumentation. the vocals. Everything is just really good in this song, and that's why it's really memorable.

Though this anime is only 10 episodes, it still is quite fun to watch, and I did enjoy it. The opening is just one of the many ways I remember this series.


Ranbu no Melody by SID

To be honest, I haven't made it that far in Bleach. I've been warned about filler, the Arancar arc, and I've only seen 22 episodes and the 2nd movie. 20 episodes of the first season and 2 filler episodes. Though I plan on watching more of course. Mainly on the ones that focus on Toshiro, but still. :P

When I saw that SID sang an opening for Bleach, I freaked out. I automatically went to Youtube, searched it up, found it, and then listened to it on repeat a couple times. It's a damn amazing song.

Mao's vocals, like always, just evoke such great emotion and passion. The band instrumentation is on par and very nice, and overall, it's just an epic song that rounds out the end of the Arrancar arc.

I wonder what other people think of this song, since I think it's visual kei gold. Though I don't listen to a lot of Japanese music. This does not include openings, endings, or character songs from anime.


Kamisama Hajimemashita by Hanae
*hums along to Hanae*

At first, I wasn't a big fan of this song. I thought Hanae's vocals were a bit too breathy, and I just didn't really feel any passion for this song.

But the more I watched Kamisama Kiss, the more I started to realize that this song was invading my brain. I'd think about it a lot, hum it in public, and just sing along with the chorus. It's great to sing a song warming up to you, much like 22 by Taylor Swift. At first, I found the song not to be that memorable and the worst song off Red. But the more I listened to it and played on the radio, it grew on me. And while it still isn't my favorite song from her, I have more respect for it.

Okay, I'm getting off track here.

Since Hanae has been confirmed to sing both opening and ending for the next season of Kamisama Kiss, let's see if the opening is just as good.


Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Oishi

One of the more unique anime openings that I heard this year, it mainly follows my checklist for what I like in anime openings.

Great instrumentation, unique vocals, and memorable lyrics. There's a lot in this song to live. And for it to be in a show like this is quite a good thing.

I think this opening also manages to fit the theme of the show, as it does feel quite relaxing. It's a good opening song to hum along to, and overall is a lot of fun.


Trip -Innocent of D- by Larval Stage Planning

This should come to the surprise of no one. I think you know the reason why I saved to talk about this opening for last.

Simply put, this opening has everything I could ask for. Awesome vocals. Amazing beat. Fantastic instruments. That is literally my perfect anime opening. The end.

This is the opening I've replayed a thousand times, and it almost never gets old. And even though it's in a series that is loaded with boobs and panties, it's pretty good to be in a show like that.


What do you guys think of this list? Agree with some of the list? Disagree? Any openings that you liked from anime you watched this year?

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