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Top 5 Worst Anime That I Watched in 2014

Top 5 Worst Anime That I Watched in 2014

Warning: The following list may contain spoilers. If you wish not to know some events in the story, or simply don't wish to find out what happens in the series, please leave the page, since I don't want to damage a watching experience for you.

The pictures I use in special posts are chosen at random. The Dazzlings are just representing the worst of the bunch by a thumbs down.

Also, keep in mind that these shows aren't all terrible, mainly one in particular. And that they aren't the worst anime shows of all time.

With that said:

After Karneval started my anime watching craze, I have noticed that a lot of anime that I've watched this year have been pretty good. Some of them did have their problems yes, but they weren't horrible by any means.

Unless of course you dig a bit deeper and realize that all anime aren't AMAZING. Some series have the tendency to make you question your sanity, and others make you blow up into a pit of rage. 

And while some series are good, they aren't as good enough as others in the same genre.

So for this list, I'm going to recap 5 shows that I thought were the worst out of the shows that I watched this year. 2 of them I dropped. My policy as well as the reasons why I dropped them will be explained later.

Are you guys ready? Let's begin:


My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

I can understand why a lot of people really like this show. We have a great diverse group of characters, a story that doesn't pilot into multiple directions, and the overall plot of this series just sounds very interesting. However, when I started to watch this, I noticed the show never really stood out for me.

Despite having some fun episodes and some great moments supplied by Hachiman, the show never really pushes itself to be a show that I would instantly recommend to anyone. It sometimes got me bored and wondering if something more exciting would happen.

There's a lot of good in this show, such as awesome characters, and some interesting story development. My main problem is that this show never really takes risks, and often just doesn't really make an impact. Which is why it lands on this list.


Arcana Famiglia.

This show was recommended to me by one of my friends who found this show to be really enjoyable. I waited a while until the fall before I started to watch it. The first episode made the show looks very interesting, and that it would be very entertaining. I knew there would be filler, but I hoped that it wouldn't destroy the anime.

It was around the halfway point where I was about to lose complete hope in this show.

At first, the filler may seem fine. And it was for me. However, after Episode 5, it was absolutely clear that the script writers were just plain running out of ideas, and put together some of the most boring and laugh-out loud scenarios that got more eye rolls than personal enjoyment. And when the show adds story revolving Mondo and his illness, it just feels sloppily put together and doesn't pay off in the end.

The character development is horribly inconsistent, with some characters only getting one detail revealed about them, or none at all. It's only Felicita, Liberta, Nova, and Mondo that get the most. And also, when the show tries to be dramatic, it fails. MASSIVELY!

It isn't until the end of Episode 11 that the main event of our story, being the Arcana Duello, takes place. That's right, they wait until the end to begin our main event. And that finale is one of the worst final episodes to an anime I've ever seen.

The reason why this show isn't a complete bust is that there's some great comedy, fun characters, and at least potential. But all in all, it's a disappointing follow-up for a second reverse harem show, and after Kamigami No Asobi too.


Cuticle Detective Inaba.

This is one of those shows that I didn't know anything about before going into it, though I've seen it in MEP's and on Wikipedia. This didn't automatically go into my watch list until I found an ad for it while surfing through Otaku USA, one of my favorite magazines that I love to look at either Walmart or Banes & Noble. The day I found it, I immediately started watching it at Hulu.

At first, the show is very funny. The comedy is great, and the characters are very unique and interesting. Another great part was the animation, and it's vibrancy. It's there that my praise for this show ends.

One of the main problems I have with the show is its story. At first, it looks like the story for this show might be self focused and have a drive behind it. Instead, this story is legit a slice of life. This isn't a big problem for me, as sometimes we get great comedy out of these storylines. However, the show sometimes zooms off in different directions, giving unannounced elements including drama, or having an episode that is so boring as well as confusing you have no choice but to stop watching it.

I didn't watch two full episodes of this show. Mainly due to the fact that this show gets utterly confusing at times, throwing random elements into the sand. At least it has interesting characters, but that's all I can say towards it. There's a reason I've been avoiding a review for this, it'd just be too hard to come up with proper explanations to characters and it's train-wreck of a story.

The next two shows on my list are anime that I ended up not finishing. My main rule for anime is that if you don't like an anime to it's half-way point, don't bother finishing it.

One made it past the half-way mark by two episodes, and one was almost there, but I stopped it after a story arc.


Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians.

First off, I have to admit that I didn't watch the first two seasons. Youtube reviewers and some users online have been constantly telling to the masses that this show is crap. When FUNimation was set on releasing the next two seasons though, I was interested in checking a couple episodes of the third season, being Great Guadians.

Too bad none of it was great, nor did it truly show the impact of guardians.

I had low expectations going into this, and those were met kindly. This show wasn't horrendous, but it was bad at almost everything, minus the fantastic animation, (not just boobs and panties mind you), and the damn fantastic score, and a English dub that actually exceeded the original Japanese.

The main problem with this show is of course the fanservice. As I mentioned in my Highschool DXD review, I don't mind having fanservice in a show. As long as the show has a story and it isn't completely distracting, I can deal with it. While Sekirei and Highschool DXD have fanservice, at least the aspects of the story were entertaining enough that I wasn't considering it as a negative all the time. Minus Asia since that's literally unacceptable.

This show's main objective is to see how many boob and panty shots it can get away with before chucking your lunch into the toilet. It has some "development" of a story, with another Genpou Saji and Ryofu magically coming back from the dead, but who cares about that? This is the Fanservice Express after all.

Plot elements aren't properly developed, such as Hakufu being appointed leader at Nanyo Academy. We don't get to see her with her new-found duties, and that disappoints me. Instead, it's time for more hotness as girls somehow flash their panties when squatting while wearing short skirts, and how every DRAMATIC moment this show has is just given fanservice for good measure.

In the latter half, we do get to see some story, with the female Genpou Saji now having control over Ryofu. This leads to the now controlled Ryofu possessing Gentoku, by taking her to a haunted house and presumably raping her.

Why would I guess that? Because it's from what I saw, and from assumption.

After the spell breaks from Gentoku, it seems the story will go into over-drive. However, it's a little too late. And I'm not going to stick around four more episodes to find out.

At least the OVAs are better in comedy and fights. Though Extravaganza Epoch is going for the BANZAI! route, it's more tolerable than this series ever was.


Date A Live 2.


After watching the first season and liking it, I waited until season 2 finished before I started watching it. Episode 1 was a nice re-introduction to the characters. But Episode 2 left me concerned. I was questioning if I should continue the show or not, but I tested it out a bit more. After the Yamai twin arc ended, I first put it on hold, before finally dropping it.

Why? This season just didn't have a lot of excitement going toward it, nor did any of the familiar elements from season 1 really catch on to me.

For one thing, once the Yamai twins are introduced, the show decides out of nowhere that they need to amp up the fanservice. Because you know, of the whole war thing they have between each other. They may care about each other, but we still have a competition. These include sneaking into Shido's bed, forcing him to put sun-block on him ,and going with him together in a hot spring, all in 2 episodes on a field trip.

Shido is as bland as ever, literally a cardboard cutout of a main male lead. The villains are just horrible cliches, and to top it off, Episode 4 was so predictable, that it just wasn't funny. Yeah, we know Ellen is a villain, yet our characters are just realizing that. Yeah, we know the Yamai twins will make up instead of fighting each other, we already have gotten clues. Yeah, we know that the twins will kiss Shido, and there clothes will rip off. Yeah, we know Tohka will beat him up for it afterwards.

Also, the pacing is just horrible. At times, the show moves incredibly fast. Season 1 moved slowly, and at other times it moved faster. But this, this is ridiculous. And the pacing is just going to get worse once we introduce Miki/Diva. In Episode 6 or 7, Tohka will get captured, and it will take like 4 or 3 episodes to go and rescue her?

Ugh. My brain hurts.

What do you guys think of my list? Do you agree with my choices? Disagree? What other animes did you not like this year?

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